Expensive Speedos

Would you buy a $90 speedo?

What is the most you would or have bought a speedo for?

I saw a post today on the SpeedoForum.org talking about Aronik speedos which look fantastic but they are $90 for a plain black speedo!!!  That is way too much for me.

If anyone from Aronik reads this blog, I’d be more than happy to demo a pair of these and find out if they are worth that $90.

Ninety Dollar SpeedoAronik Speedo

Here are some more beautiful Aronik models….

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Dr. Phil said,  

I bought one that was more than that…it was about 85 pounds sterling, which at the time would have been around $140, if I am not mistaken…they were Emporio Armani, and are not even the most expensive speedos I’ve ever seen (those were a Burberry one, that was basically a black speedo with the signature Burberry scarf pattern on the sides, and they were running around $250, if I recall correctly).

I don’t buy ones that are that expensive any longer…there’s very little point. I will buy a $50 one on occasion these days, but it has to be a really exceptionally hot pair to do so…

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