Fun Cum Facts

Here is something interesting that I thought I’d share with you guys……

The average man has 7,200 ejaculations in his life. You might have heard of the band called 10cc (wikipedia). They named their band after the average volume of one ejeculate. Doing the math learns that the average man therefor ejaculates 152 pints of semen in his life. That’s 19 gallons.

So how much sperm is ejected into the world every day? Roughly a life lasts about 30,000 days. That means the average man has one ejaculation every 4 days (give or take). At the moment we have over 7 billion people walking on this planet. Roughly half of those are men. 3.5 billion people ejaculating once every 4 days is 875 million squirts a day. This multiplied by 10cc (2 teaspoons) means a little over 230,000 gallons (875,000 litres) of sperm produced every day! This means it would take all men in the world about 3 days to fill up an olympic swimming pool.

I’d love to hear what you guys think about cum.

It is a mess but I am a fan.  Since I either jerk off or fuck Alex so often I don’t ever really get a huge ‘porno style’ cum load myself but I love rubbing my cock through my speedos and cumming and I am a swallower when I give head…. which I love doing.

How will you cum today?

Cum in SpeedosJizzing in Speedos

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billyc said,  

OK . . . second time replying to one of your posts. Cum is the single greatest invention on Earth. Well, maybe tied with cocks, balls, assholes and mansweat. But you see I am “a fan” also! 🙂 I’ve been one of those guys who is a big cummer all my life – age (hurtling toward 50 here) hasn’t changed it at all. When I was a pre-teenager my precum was so heavy that I at first thought I’d already cum. A few times of drenching myself (or whoever was near!) quickly gave me the street knowledge I needed to tell the difference! LOL But I was embarrassed with other friends when we had circle jerks . . . so much so that I told my dad I wanted to go to my doctor. He finally got out of me (pun intended!) what I was concerned about and gave me some very wise advice: wait a few years, and what your buddies tease you about being different, they will be in awe of you for when you all know more and begin to have natural male competitiveness related to virility. He was so right (about most everything I can ever remember about him before he died). When I became a teenager and got to the point where we all knew more, his prediction (preDICKtion?) was realized, and I since have just considered myself “very lucky indeed”!

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