Gay Bucks Weekend

I mentioned that I am heading to the US for a bucks weekend (AKA – bachelor weekend, I can’t believe the number of people who have never heard the term ‘Bucks Weekend’).  It is an old friend of Kip’s who I’ve met a bunch of times and snowboarded with when I’ve visited Kip in Colorado.

It is a gay marriage and the guys are renting a couple of huge house boats on Lake Powell.  It looks gorgeous and the weather should be nice and hot in the Utah/Arizona desert.  I’m flying into Denver and heading up to Kip’s and pretty much straight away we are on the road for a 9 hour plus drive across and down there where we’ll spend July 4th on the water.

I’m actually leaving tomorrow, sorry I haven’t mentioned it before now but I’ve been flat out with a tonne of movies for and I’ve really nailed it the last two or three weeks.

I have never been to a gay wedding before, nor have I been to a gay bucks weekend.  I really am not sure what to expect… will it be just days of debauchery or will it be sedate?  You can bet that as soon as I find out I will be informing you guys about it.

Speedos will be packed and a solid supply of condoms and lube as well of course…..

Jet Ski Speedo Guy

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billyc said,  

Enjoy your gay bucks weekend. And forgive us Yanks our ignorance of Aussie lingo – while we love to GO DOWN, many of us, even those who have been DOWN UNDER, didn’t pick up all the lingo. Having said that, my husband and I have been to a few gay bachelor party trips now. Ours was, of course, completely sedate and proper, though fun (ahem!); but amazingly every other one we’ve been to turned into a very typical gathering of gay men who were partying . . . and most of what happened at the gay bachelor party did NOT stay at the gay bachelor party! LOL Enjoy yourself, however it unfolds, and enjoy our great and beautiful country.


Billy C,

I’m sure I won’t have any trouble enjoying myself Billy. I will keep you posted on what happens.

Getting down to that part of the world (Lake Powell) is something I’m looking forward to as well.


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