HARD Weekend

All weekend I have been agonizing over my encounter on Friday with Tony (aka  – the Married Guy).  And, I must add, there might be 5,500 daily readers of this blog and only one of you gave me any insight or advice…. thanks Walt I really appreciate it.

To top it off, I’ve been horny as all hell all weekend.  Alex and his ‘boyfriend’ are out of town and Grindr had nothing but flakey people all weekend.

  • Grindr rant: I really hate the new ‘flame’ Imogi that Grindr does, I receive a message and its says ‘Photo Received’ and I’m all excited expecting a speedo selfie and I get some shitty flame icon.  I must have received 20 of them yesterday, I did not replied to ANY of them.  When I contact a guy on Grindr, I say “Hi, I’m Dave, I’m looking for something this arvo (afternoon).” And I attached a photo.  Is that too much to ask?

Sorry….. I’m really horny.

I’m so horny, I even chilled out in the back yard Sunday afternoon in a speedo thinking that maybe one of the girls next door would molest me but alas, they are out of town as well.

I was saving my load in case someone wanted to cum over and help me but I ended up cumming in a pair of speedo while watching some old Speedo Student videos (I login to SwimmerBoyz.com when I’m horny).

Speedo Jerk Off

Back to the cause of the bulge in the front of my speedos, Tony the Married Guy, I’ve been with married guys before, but their wives were in the same bed and encouraging it.  Outside of those parameters, I’ve never been with a married guy.  It turns me on SOOOOO much.  Is that weird?

Thus far I have restrained my urge to text or email Tony…..

I could tell him that I’m Dave ‘Speedo’ Evans, that would put the ball in his court and see what he comes back with, maybe he knows already and is reading this very blog post that I’m writing.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I have enough courage to do that, then I’d be weirded out going to the pool if I read the signals entire wrong.

Right now I don’t have the courage to do anything so I’ll just go to the pool at the same time and see if he is there and see what happens.

Speedo Couple

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BillyC said,  

Sorry I meant to leave you a comment on your married man encounter and got tied up with our 5th anniversary weekend celebrations. Tony is either
a) into it; or
b) wants to take you to his church LOL

Our bet from what you wrote is a.

Whichever it is, it’s worth finding out if you’re hot for him.

BillyC said,  

My belief is that married men are put on earth to tempt us. They usually have less than stellar sex at home and that alone, the wasted potency, is intriguing and enticing to a man who can fulfill for them. Then there are those of “us” who enjoy “turning” married men. My husband and I share a theory that all men are sexual and any prefix is simply by virtue of behavior not nature – so “turning” just means breaking their pattern and taking advantage of their sexual neediness.

No matter any of that. Masculine men, whose cocks and nuts need the kind of attention men can give that women can’t – yeah, definitely HOT!



Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary mate – that is awesome!!!

Thank you so much for your comments, I really appreciate it.

I’ve ‘turned’ a few straight guys, Alex for example might have never had a gay experience without some gentle encouragement, but the whole married guy thing is new to me and I’m a little out of my depth.

You and Mr. BillyC have a good weekend celebrating mate.


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