House is ready for company

Monday morning here in Australia and I am up early and I’ve just spent a couple of hours cleaning the house…. weird I know.  I’m told meth heads get into weird cleaning moods, I assure you I have never done meth.  I was just in the mood to clean and now I’m going to settle in for a day of work, I’ll probably go to the pool around lunch time.

With the house spotless I think I’m going to host a dinner party this week.  Roast lamb of course.  I figure I can ask Alex around and maybe the two girls who live next door.

Now that would be a foursome!!!

I’m going to text Alex now and see what night works for him, prolly Thursday night I think.

To start the week here is a speedo movie for you guys.  The underwater blowjob is some pretty cool…..

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