My First Anal Experience

I have started writing about 18yo Tom’s first threesome, stay turned for some of the details.  I was wondering though, when was the first time you received anal?  How was it and did you like it?

Gay Butt Sex

Working up to my first anal was pretty slow, I remember masturbating and playing with things in my butt after I sucked cock for the first time.  My attitude was, other people are doing this, maybe it is a turn on.  I was right.  Although occasionally it hurt a little after my orgasm, playing with my arse definitely made me cum quicker and then when I was receiving a blowjob, any touching of my butt hole made me cum quicker as well.

While this was mostly with guys, I did have some girls who were happy to finger my while sucking me off which was awesome.

It was years though before I worked up to taking a cock.

Anal Sex

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So, I’d love to hear your stories on your first time taking a cock in the ass….


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Henry said,  

My first time caught me off guard. This dude and I met through a mutual friend. We all went back to his apartment and somehow was convinced to sleep on the same bed with him. We cuddled and eventually made out and without notice inserted himself. He was definitely more experienced than I was and all I can remember it being really painful and not being able to really function the next day.


Was that consensual Henry? I’m always 10x slower with anyone the first time I fuck them.

I know that feeling that you mention about not being able to function, I’ve been slammed (ie fucked hard) particularly by more than one guy in a session and I’m definitely not walking right the next day.

I’ve never really had a ‘boyfriend’ so I wonder if being fucked a couple of time as week gives you a higher tolerance, I definately go through periods of time where my butt is getting a pounding but it is usually short lived.


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