My Green Speedos

Last weekend I posted about the Corka speedos that Kip gave me when I was in Colorado.  One pair are nylon and right now are my ‘go to’ speedo particularly when lap swimming.  When Kip read that post (Alex and Kip, and now Tom read all my blog posts which is kind of fun), Kip gave me a hard time for not wearing the fluro green ones to the pool.

I’ve never owned a pair of green speedos before and the green in these is very bright.

But, I am a sucker for peer pressure so today I’m going to wear the fluro green speedos to the pool.  Alex has told me that he’ll meet me at the pool (he often swims during his lunch break and he can walk from his office to the pool).  My guess is that Alex will read this post before our swim, he won’t have any trouble finding me.

Wish me luck guys – hahaha.

What is the weirdest speedo you’ve worn in public?

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billyc said,  

Weirdest speedo I’ve ever worn? I actually have an answer for that. I was once on leave in southern France and my duffel got stolen. I was annoyed and didn’t really need much, but I was appalled at the cost of the speedo I needed to buy to hang out on the Cote d’Azur but also wasn’t going to let 72 hours go by without sunning myself. I guess I was a little loud about my protests of the prices when I was in this shop in Cannes and a very sexy French guy said he had two speedos and would gladly lend me one of his. He was about a head shorter than me, but I thought “they stretch”. I should have known from his devilish grin. I went to his place and he hands me this sort of camo-print speedo and the color I kid you not was shit-brown. It looked like someone had mud wrestled in it but it was totally clean (except for a distinctly homme Francais aroma – he apologized for having worn it already) and that was the color it was. I struggled to get it on, to get my junk concealed BARELY in it . . . but hey, a Marine on a budget . . . AND a chance to show off my ASSets? Oh, and I fucked the Frenchman’s brains out who lent me the speedo for those three days . . . then offered to let me keep it when I was leaving. (I declined and instead asked him for his well-worn black speedo, fully aromatized!)

billyc said,  

PS: My bet Dave is that you’ll ROCK the green speedo!

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