Speedo Selfies

The other day I was talking to a member and he correctly guessed that a photo I posted on here within the last 2 or 3 weeks was one of me.

For those of you who are new here, although I love sharing my speedo escapades, I am not out to most of my friends which means I am reasonably protective of my privacy.  Maybe at some point in the future I’ll come ‘out’ but until then I don’t think it is any ones business.

Over the years I’ve had some people give me a hard time for not being ‘out and proud’.

Although most of my friends and family wouldn’t care if I told them I’m bi, then I would have to explain my sexuality.  Anyone I ‘dated’, I’d have to explain that early in the relationship which could be a good thing, but I’d prefer to be able to choose if and when I told someone that stuff.

It is a shame I’m not 100% out though, I’m sure I could get laid a little more from the blog (although that still happens) and I’d love to film and photograph more of my sexual experiences.  I still do take some personal pics and occasionally I throw one online in the mix just as a personal joke.

So keep your eyes out guys…..

Red Speedo Selfie

3 Users Responded in " Speedo Selfies "

bigyny said,  

You should sneak in a selfie in a pair of Dave Evans Speedos. Would be cool to see Dave in Dave’s.


Bigy NY,

I might post some on the members area for you guys, that is a good idea.


Walt said,  

Great picture…love that you shave your chest and I am sure at least groom the pubes…I am a fan of complete shaving….The oil also really makes you look hot…I would love to see the same shot with you a little harder…Great pictures with surfer chick…I really wonder why she got upset, especially since she had experiences with other women????…A real double standard

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