Speedos or Nude?

The other day I was talking to a fellow blogger who loves nudity. He does to nude resorts, loves nude beaches etc..

He doesn’t quite understand my speedo thing.  I would much prefer to be hanging out in a speedo than nude and I personally think guys look hotter in speedos than nude.  I suppose I think this about chicks as well – I’d prefer to see a chick in a great fitting bikini or even one piece swimsuit than nude.

Anyone else feel this way?

A few weeks ago I posted a bunch more pics of this cutie – Allen King.  Click here to see that post.


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BillyC said,  

You might better use a different example to prove your point. That boy looks damn yummy without the Speedo!

CeriSyrin said,  

Speedos are hot because they conceal what I’d love to see when somewhere more private, while still being provocative and sexy. I can see the appeal of public nudity though, especially in a free & open environment. But I think that some nude beaches/resorts try to stay away from the sexual atmosphere that nudity can bring. (I do have an exhibitionist side to me but think that nude beaches/resorts usually try to stray away from those people haha, but maybe not!)



I hope you enjoyed the video clips I posted of him – he is only a little guy but he can really take a pounding!!!


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