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Do you know Dave Evans?

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Back to the Married Guy, aka Tony.

Yesterday I left off with Tony and I grabbing a beer after a swim and nothing happened.  Very platonic and he didn’t give anything away and I left disheartened that anything naughty would happen between Tony and I.

That changed on Friday morning.

I was still in bed (don’t judge it was like 9:30am – I can sleep in a little bit every now and then) and my phone beeps with a new text message.

Have you heard of, or know of Dave Evans?

I wondered if it has anything to do with the Evil Speedo Corporation trying to steal my domain names.  I was in a conundrum…..

Still being in bed, I hadn’t had my morning jerk off either so my erection wasn’t helping my decision making process either.  I decided that Tony, being married and pretty visible in his work life probably has more to loose than I do by ‘outing’ Dave Evans, we had shared a beer after a swim in our AussieBums.  I replied

I do know him, we are one and the same.

Is that OK or does it freak you out?

I was pretty nervous for the next hour or so before Tony replied.  I even went for a walk down town to grab the paper and some bread and left my phone at home just to take my mind off it.  When I walked back into the house there was a reply from Tony:

Not freaked out at all.  Intrigued.  What are you doing Friday afternoon?

This was a huge relief and now I was horny again.  Where was the ‘What are you doing Friday afternoon?’ message implying?  I think it means Tony the Married Guy likes to fool around in speedos don’t you?

Real Men Wear AussieBum Speedos

I’ll continue with this next week guys.  You know, you could just join my site and be completely up to date with what happened with Tony the Married Guy…..

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June 16th, 2017

Dick Pics

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I get a bunch of emails, some great, some nasty but overall pretty good.  I don’t always have time to reply, unless of course it is a member in which case I really make sure that I reply as promptly as possible (I love my members).

Some emails I receive as just nice saying how much someone loved a story I wrote or about how great it is for them to find a site like mine.  And sometimes I get a dick pics (not all dick pics are made equal).  This one is pretty good though, hence why I’m sharing it with you guys.  Here is the email that came with it, I’ve removed anything ‘personal’ as per the senders request.

Hi Dave,

I’m sure you get loads of emails but just wanted to send a message to say hi (with a couple of private pics!). I’m straight (bi-curious) but I’ve been following your blog for a few years. Speedos are my guilty pleasure.. I can’t get enough of seeing guys in speedos and I get hard within seconds of putting mine on! I never wear them in public though which is a shame, would be great to have a few guys to hang out with in speedos and have fun with like in your stories.

I’m living in Asia at the moment and bought these arenas, tight but a nice fit. Hope you like the pics.

Lots of love.

Speedo Pics Submission

And here is a second pic…. that is one tastey looking cock isn’t it!!!  And HUGE!!!

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The second pic, the dick pic, is only available to blog members.  Click here, it is only $5 to become a blog member.

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November 29th, 2016

Where are you from?

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Today I was looking up some stats for an Aussie Adult Store which is interested in advertising on this blog.  I wanted to know how many of my visitors were Australian and it turns out only 12% are Australian which was a little lower than I thought.

One thing I learnt is that during this current month, this blog has had visitors from 166 different countries.

The most common countries was the usual suspects, USA, Canada, UK but surprisingly, China was in the top 10.

It is great to see visitors from all sorts of places, 6 visitors from Saudi Arabia (don’t get caught guys), 22 visitors from Iraq, 10 visitors from Syria (stay safe guys), all the Pacific Islands were covered as well as South East Asia.  I think it is awesome that there are visitors not only from all over the world but also from all different religious backgrounds (I can’t tell the religion of a visitor but you know what I mean) – 326 visitors from India (Hindu), 20 from Egypt (Sunni Muslim majority) and 11 from Iran (Shia Muslim majority) and 1 person from Nepal (Buddhist).

Kind of a boring blog post but I thought it was interesting.

Speedo Fans around the World

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August 28th, 2016

Caught on the Beach… AussieBums in Sheets

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I love it when I get fun emails from members, as a member feel free to email me and I pretty much guarantee that I’ll reply.  This is an email that I woke up to this morning and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Hey Dave! It’s cool you replied.

You should know that a guy spied me taking this pic that I was taking with the intention of sending to you today.

Speedo Fan

He came over afterwards and laid down next to me in a pair of blue wonder jock AussieBums (I asked). We got to talking about our speedo fetishes and how horny I was at the beach (and I brought up your blog too). We started kissing, and I started getting hard fast. I had to pump the brakes quick since there were some other guys around already watching. …I’m home now in these black AussieBums waiting for him to come over and finish what we started.

My Speedo Fan

Here it is. Seriously one of the hottest fucks in my life. Please change my name for privacy reasons, I already changed his. Anyway, feel free to make any changes, edits, or alterations as you see fit (whatever you want to do to incorporate it into your blog). Its lengthy so feel free to cut it down as you want. If you need some more pics, I can try to take some too. 😉

Also, my grammar may be a little off as I am crazy horny right now and am typing as fast as I can. haha.   If I meet up with “Charlie” again, I’ll be sure to let you know (if you want). I’d also be happy to rep one of your suits at the beach too.

Thanks Dave! As always, keep up the great work on your site and the blog. Its an amazing slice of internet speedo heaven.

-Seattle Speedo Fan

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July 29th, 2016

Amanda’s Threesome

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Hi, my name is Amanda – not my real name but it will work for this – I’m a long time fan of Dave Speedo Evans and last weekend I had a chance to meet him, seduce him, fuck him and have a 3some with him.  One of Dave’s requests before we met was if we did fool around, that I would write about it for his blog.  So here I am, sitting in a hotel room writing about my weekend with the infamous Aussie Speedo Guy.


My name is Amanda, you already know that, I am in my late 20’s, I’m from New Jersey (no we are not all like the Jersey Shore morons), I went to college at CSU (which is in Colorado) where I was a walk on for the swim team.  Colorado doesn’t produce too many elite swimmers as you can imagine.  Right now I’m kinda between careers so I’ve taken a 12 months sebatical and travelling around Australia.  From here I will head up into Asian for a few months and if nothing else happens I will head back to the states and resume being a grown-up.

Dave Speedo Evans

I first heard about Dave Speedo Evans 2 years ago. A gay friend of mine is a ski instructor in Colorado and over lunch we were talking about our love lives and he had met Dave Speedo Evans in the mountains and by the sounds of it had a pretty wild night with Dave and his friend Kip.  I was given the website address of Dave’s blog and I’ve been a casual reader ever since.  I have several gay friends and although I do not think I am a fag hag, hanging out with gay guys can sometimes be easier than hanging out with straight guys.

The only people I know in Australia are old family friends in Melbourne, I thought I would reach out to Dave Speedo Evans and say ‘gidday’.  I emailed Dave Speedo Evans about 2 months ago and mentioned my ski instructor friend and that I might be passing through Terrigal/Newcastle/Gosford on my drive from Brisbane (where I flew in) and Melbourne (where I am planning on being based).

I couldn’t believe how nice the reply was that I received from Dave Speedo Evans.  We became Facebook friends and as my trip approached I planned to spend a weekend at his place.  That description might make it sound scary but we did have a mutual friend and if Dave Speedo Evans was a creeper I could just move on down the road.

My Fantasy

I am 100% straight, have never had anything but vanilla sex (one guy and me).  Of course I think everybody has fantasies, even if they never intend on fulfilling them.

I enjoyed reading about Dave Speedo Evans exploits and was particularly engrossed in his deflowering of Alex, the straight guy who was fucking Dave Speedo Evans while he was maintaining (and living with) a girlfriend.  The story of Dave Speedo Evans first threesome was the first story I read and I was enthawled as well as being a little turned on.

Talking about my fantasies is something I have never done, even to past boyfriends and the only reason I am writing about them here is because of the anonymity that the internet provides.

Speedos in themselves aren’t a big thing for me, growing up swimming guys wore speedos.  I would prefer to see an attractive man in a speedo vs board shorts but too often it is the unattractive men that are wearing speedos.  I’m not interested in girls, at all.  I’ve never kissed a girl and have no intention on doing so.  Now that I have the negatives out of the way…. the idea of 2 guys, 2 cocks, 2 tongues and 4 hands sounds like nirvana.  I have never tried it, and I have never been close to executing a 2 guy threesome.

Now that I am in Australia I am hoping to try new things, shrimp on the barbie, surfing, scuba diving and a 2 guy threesome?

Coming into this trip, pulling off a 2 guy threesome isn’t a thing that I’d know how to make happen BUT since I’m going to hang out with the infamous Dave Speedo Evans, it might actually be in the realm of possibility.  Sitting on the plane for 14 hours I didn’t assume this was a done deal, Dave Speedo Evans might be a dooche, or an 80yo man and look nothing like his photos… but you never know.


Arriving in Australia

So far Australia has been really easy, I spent a week in Brisbane, bought a car (white 2012 Camry), setup a bank account and got my new phone provider arranged (Telstra).  Driving on the wrong side of the road is not as challenging as I expected with the exception of the roundabouts which I need to think about.

Leaving Brisbane I stopped at Fingal Beach as per Dave Speedo Evans advice, had fish and chips at Lennox Head watching dolfins from the headland and spent 2 nights in Byron Bay.  It sounds as though Dave Speedo Evans doesn’t like Byron Bay but I thought it was cute and it was nice to be on the ocean.  Thursday morning I jumped in my old person Camry and pointed towards Terrigal and Dave Speedo Evans…..  I was feeling a little nervous.

Dave Speedo Evans

My phone GPS and the directions he gave me lead me right to Dave Speedo Evans front door.  Which was completely open.  Dave Speedo Evans had told me the door is usually open and to just let myself in.

I am from the east coast, you don’t leave your house open to the world so I still knocked and called out without any response….. I walked in.  The house is pretty small, obviously just an old beach vacation cabin but it is RIGHT ON THE OCEAN.  No joking, the rear door opens onto grass which tapers to sand which tapers to ocean.  As I entered Dave Speedo Evans house I could see through to the ocean and a guy sitting in a lazy boy out on the grass.  He was wearing a pair of board shorts, Colorado Rockies baseball cap (my Dad likes baseball and I went to college in Colorado), shirtless, laptop on his lap and a beer next to him.

My friend who had hooked up with Dave Speedo Evans said that he was pretty hot and 100% straight acting and that is pretty much what I thought when I saw him for the first time.

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June 20th, 2016
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