Thong or Speedo?

So guys, I have 2 questions for you….

Do you prefer white or pink/purple?

White GString
Purple Gstring

Then do you prefer full bottom or g-string?

Back of SpeedosGstring from Behind

3 Users Responded in " Thong or Speedo? "

billyc said,  

Frankly I would take him without either of them. I love a hot, built man in Speedos and particularly enjoy the promise of what’s hidden but also displayed under the full butt and pouch. What he’s shown in here takes away – again, just my opinion and like.

CeriSyrin said,  

I would always go for a speedo rather than a g-string. White speedos are a personal favorite, super sexy. But the purple is nice and loud (; unapologetically in your face



I agree with your taste mate – speedo over g-string and I love white speedos!!!


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