White Speedos in Public

Today I am sitting here, writing this blog post wearing a pair of AussieBum Coolabah’s.  This is what they look like.

White AussieBumsAussieBum Coolabah - White SpeedosWhite Speedo Cock Selfie

I just checked and it looks like AussieBum don’t sell these anymore, it is a bit of a shame that their speedos are all getting a little too ‘designer’ these days and moving away from their surf life saving club roots.

Actually, Kip has a pair of AussieBum Coolabah’s that are too big for him.  If you guys are interested I could put them up on eBay?  Leave a comment if you think I should do that.

My white speedos have been pretty much confined to the bedroom.  I’ve never worn a pair of white speedos to the pool to lap swim although I have worn a pair of lycra AussieBum’s to the beach but I suppose that was for a hookup at Birdie Beach (nude beach/hookup spot).

Would love to hear from anyone who wears their white speedos in public.

This is probably something I couldn’t wear to the beach…..

Beautiful White Speedo

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2 Users Responded in " White Speedos in Public "

billyc said,  

DEFINITELY ebay Kip’s too-big Speedo! WOOF!

RodSteele said,  

I love my white speedos! I started with an International Male ‘buns’ bikini, which I cut out the liner before wearing. After that wore out, I bout a Joe Snyder classic bikini in white, and recently ordered one out of white ‘vinyl.’ I do wear them to the pool/lake when the crowd is going to be ‘looking’ to get wild/play, and is pretty open. If the site I am heading to is mixed (young/not so young, gay/straight, etc.) I will wear another suit.

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