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Kip’s Vuthy Speedos

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Grey old day here in San Fran and after a walk along the bay this morning I’m back in the hotel room just doing some work.  Tonight I’m meeting some friends at the Cliff House for dinner which will be fun – nothing naughty on the cards though.

Since I got back from my walk I did notice a pair of Kip’s Vuthy speedos in my bag.  I’m pretty sure this was just a mistake.

I took this photo and sent it to him with the message “Much more fun doing this on your face/chest/back.”

Kip's Speedos Covered in Cum

And here is the movie that I was watching when I made the mess pictured above…..

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March 5th, 2017

Molested by a Fleshjack

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How was everyone’s Xmas?

My day was great, pretty low key and just hanging out with my mates family.

When I got home after Xmas dinner I did get molested by my flesh light.  For those of you who don’t know what a flesh light (or fleshjack) is, it is the best masturbation tool ever created.  It feels amazing!!!  I bought one a few years ago, I love it but it is a bit of a mess so I don’t use it all that often and to be honest I don’t think I have used it in months.

So when I got home, I stripped down to the black speedo brand speedos that I was wearing under my shorts, I opened up the movies section on (yes, I use my own site, it is awesome), I lubed up my flesh light, sat on the couch and enjoyed watching the latest speedo movie.

I wanted it to last and after about 10 minutes, I finally exploded in the fleshlight.

This morning, I woke up and I’m actually a little bit sore.  It is a happy sore though.  Time for a swim and then I’m looking forward to a day hanging out watching cricket.  Have a good day guys – I’ve got a new movie to work on today so I hope my cock isn’t too sore to ‘test it out’.

FleshjackFlesh LightGay Fleshjack

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December 26th, 2015

Double Speedo Handjob

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This has been my jerk off material for the last couple of days….. a double speedo handjob/speedo rub.

I downloaded these photos the other day and they are kind of crappy quality but it stuck in my head the last few days.  I’ve been picturing sitting on my couch, wearing my red arena lycra speedos but the combination of people rubbing my speedo has varied….

  • Alex and one of the English guys from Byron Bay
  • The two English guys
  • Alex and his ex-girlfriend
  • Alex and Surfer Chick
  • Alex and one of my neighbour chicks
  • Alex’s ex-girlfriend and Surfer Chick

I’m really not picky, any of those combinations would be just fine with me.

Speedo RubRubbing SpeedosDouble HandjobSpeedo HandjobTwo Guys Giving a HandjobReceiving a speedo handjob

I am not a selfish lover, I love sucking cock and eating pussy, so here is a speedo cock that I would love to rub on my couch.

Speedo Bulge

Speedo Erection

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September 24th, 2015
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