White Speedos

I love white speedos.  I think they show off my speedo tan and there is an element of ‘naughty’ about them

However…. wearing white speedos in public can be tricky….  because depending on the speedo, they can be see through when wet.

Check out these selfies of me wearing a pair of white lycra Arena speedos, I hope you don’t mind my erection but that sometimes happens when I wear speedos (to be honest, it happens a lot when I’m wearing speedos).

White Arena Lycra Speedo

These are nylon AussieBum speedos which are much more see through than the lycra Arena speedos above.  I love these speedos but I usually don’t wear them to the pool for lap swimming although…. a couple of weeks ago I did but that is another story.

Do you like wearing white speedos?

White AussieBum Speedos

But when wet – they are SUPER see through.

See Through White Speedos

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