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I’ve been thinking of a ‘members’ area for my blog for a while and finally it is here.

This area will let me post some more exclusive content and some samples of things I’m working on.

To start things off I’m making Premium Membership $5 a month.  If you are a member at, you have access here.  Just login to the members area of for the login instructions.

So what will $5 get you?

  • Samples of all the movie updates on
  • The full text of my sexual experience stories
  • Galleries from all my photo shoots.
  • Discounts on DE Swimwear and the opportunity to pre-order.

What does it say on your credit card statement?

  • I’m not out to all my friends and family so I understand discretion.  The charge on your credit card will appear as ‘Gocah Limited’.  It is a company name that I’ve used for years and it nice and discrete.

How often will there be updates?

  • If you’ve been around for a while you know that my blog is updated a lot, nearly every day.  And I’ve been doing it since May 2005 so I’m not going anywhere.
  • I will be looking forward to your feedback on things you want more of, or less of.

I think you are going to like this.  Why not give it a shot –  CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW

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