Star Wars

I finally made it to the new Star Wars movie and I thought it was pretty good, I can’t remember the last time I was at the movies and it was kind of romantic with Kip.  After a big first morning snowboarding and a night of fucking, I’m pretty beat so it was a perfect wind down to the day.

At the theatre Kip and I were both wearing my red speedos and it was nice to reach over and grab some speedo/lycra covered cock whenever I wanted.  We didn’t do anything hanky panky in the movie theatre but maybe next time.

In the spirit of Star Wars what do you think about these guys in their Storm Trooper costumes?  Wouldn’t that make an awesome party…. bunch of guys looking like Storm Troopers fucking each other….. that is a party I’d RSVP to I can promise you.

Storm Trooper OrgyGay Storm Trooper Threesome

Gay Rape Storm Troopers

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