Alex’s Red Speedos

For the first time since I’ve known him, Alex speedo’d it up on the beach yesterday.

It was only when I was writing the blog post on the train that I realised that I had never seen Alex in his speedos on the beach, in public.  Even when we strip out of wetsuits after surfing to use the outdoor shower, I can’t remember seeing Alex strut around just wearing his speedos.  At the pool he wears his speedos but that is in the majority, most of the guys at the pool wear speedos.

I mentioned to you guys yesterday that Alex was picking me up from the train station and he had texted me that he was horny and keen to show me his new red ‘Speedo Brand’ speedos.

When I got to Gosford train station Alex was there waiting, it was early afternoon and it was a perfect Aussie winters day, blue skies and warm in the sun.  Alex has met Kip and Alex follows this blog so he knew exactly what I was getting up to.  We just talked about my trip on the way back to my place.

I knew Alex was horny and wanted to fuck bad but I felt kinda gross from the travel, as well as being pretty exhausted, so I told Alex that I was going to jump in the ocean and then I would let him fuck me as hard as he wants.  Yes, that is exactly how I worded it too.  For a second Alex looked a little bit concerned, he was wearing his work clothes which consisted of suit trousers, dress shirt, a tie he had removed and a jacket he had left in the car.  Alex didn’t have his dork shorts or his wetsuit, he would have no choice but to speedo it up.

You guys know I’m a bit of a schemer so I ignored Alex’s look of discomfort and headed into my room to change out of my jeans and black button up shirt (like David Duchovny in Californication).

David Duchovny

As it turns out, David Duchovny might well be a speedo fan……

David Duchovny Walking in SpeedosDavid Duchovny Triathlon SpeedosDavid Duchovny in SpeedosSpeedo David DuchovnySpeedo Bum - David Duchovny

That was a random tangent, but always great to see a celebrity in speedos.

Where was I?  Ow yes, I went into my bedroom to get out of my David Duchovny outfit.  I just kind of left Alex in my living room, I went in and changed into a pair of classic black Speedo Brand speedos that I didn’t take to Lake Powell.

Black Lycra Speedo GuyBlack SpeedosBlack Speedo

I did think about unpacking my red Arena speedo but I was a little afraid Alex would find that too ‘gay’ if we were wearing matching speedos and put him off speedo’ing it up in public.

Walking out into my tiny living area, Alex was still in his work clothes.  Me on the other hand, was wearing these tiny black lycra speedos and nothing else but my confidence.

C’mon mate, lets go.  It’s a Wednesday, there is nobody on the beach.

Alex started to strip down to his speedos.

I hope you guys understand just hot hot Alex is.  He is the typical hot Aussie beach/surfer guy.  And he is training for some triathlon so there is barely an ounce of fat on him and when he takes his business clothes off, revealing a perfectly fitting red speedo…. it is enough to make most gay men (and women)  cum in their pants.

There is so way I could help myself.

Just as Alex had finished stripping down to his speedos, I went over to him, got on my knees and started licking the front of his new ‘Speedo Brand’ speedos.

Alex seemed pretty horny from when I got his text message.  He was soft when I started licking the front of his red speedos, but he was 100% rock solid erect pretty quickly.

I know a lot of you guys have licked a cock through the lycra of a pair of speedos and you will know that it is pretty hard to make someone cum just by licking the lycra.  As you can imagine, I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of this parlay and I wanted Alex to cum.

Removing my tongue from the front of Alex’s new red speedos, I stood up and put my tongue in his mouth.  Don’t worry, my right hand had replaced my tongue on the front of his speedo and I was stroking his cock. We kissed ferociously, probably wouldn’t have been that sexy to watch but Alex was thrusting his hips as I jerked him off from the outside of his speedos.

Alex’s cock was up and to his left, and it wasn’t long before he started filling the inside of his new red speedos with his jizz.

OK, well I just came inside my speedos recounting this story.  I will write more for you guys tomorrow.

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