Bell Boy… Toy Boy

There is a bit of a project that I’m in the middle of on my site, the crux of it is putting all of the ‘amateur’ content together in one place.  There is just sooooo much content (video, photo galleries and stories) on the site that it is taking me a lot longer to get it all together than I expected.  But, I think it is going to be worth it and it will be somewhere for anyone to post their photos or movies.

I’ll talk more about this new addition later in the week, in the mean time I did stumble across a bunch of stories that were part of the site years and years ago which have been missing.

I thought I’d share with you guys this particularly story of a hotel bell boy.  I particularly enjoyed this since I have a new movie featuring a bell boy walking in on a guy trying on a pair of navy blue speedos.  If you guys like the story, I’ll post the video for you tomorrow.

The hotel was quiet. It was unusual for this time of year but with the pilots on strike there wasn’t much action as far as tourists were concerned. As I walked through the foyer, I thought about last night and the hot young surfer that had put on such a hot show. I was starting to get that old familiar feeling in my groin.

‘Mr. Mac, how are you today?’ I looked up from my reverie and saw Wayne, the new porter. God, what an Adonis this boy was. Standing 5’8” with shoulder length straight, blonde hair, Wayne was a real stunner. By the look of his uniform, he also had a beautiful body underneath. Being the hotel owner had certain privileges and one was checking all the personnel records. I had checked Wayne’s resume and found out was his interests were. He was into skateboarding and surfing. This meant that my thought about his body would surely be correct. Sally, my Personnel Manager, really knew how to pick the cute ones!

‘Can I park the car for you?’ he asked. Since I had purchased the BMW 855ti, ALL the porters wanted to take it for a drive so I indulged him and asked if he could also wash it for me.

‘Sure, not a problem, we’re really quiet at the moment and I’ve done all the rounds of the guest rooms’. I threw him the keys and watched as his tight little butt walked away from me. My groin just got bigger! I’ve got to have this boy, I thought. Since the wash bay was at the back of the hotel, I would be able to sit on my balcony and watch him as he performed his duties.

Luckily for me it was a really hot day and as I walked through my apartment to the balcony overlooking the wash bay, I saw Wayne leaning over the car with his shirt off. He blushed when he saw me as he apologised for taking his shirt off. He knew I was a stickler for the rules and no employees were allowed on hotel premises without the proper uniform. I gave him my best ‘I am not impressed look’ while secreting devouring the vision of loveliness that was on view to me. He had a chest which was nicely defined and a stomach that a six pack wouldn’t describe. Not a hair was visible. I turned and walked into the room and as I did a plan started to form in my head!

I rang the Front Desk and said that as it was so quiet, I would have Wayne do some work around the house for me and that as it was a lot of work not to expect him back for the rest of the day. After about a half an hour there was a gentle knock on the door and as I opened it, there was Wayne, except now he had his shirt back on.

‘Your car is all finished, Mr. Mac. Here are the keys’ he said. As he started to hand them back, I pushed his hand away.

‘Wayne, I have some errands I want done, do you mind doing them for me?’

‘Not at all, what would you like done?’ he asked. As I gave him the list of tasks, I felt that for sure when he got back he would be more than ready to play the game. The list included getting some snacks and grog for the upcoming party tomorrow night and also some entertainment in the form of X rated porno videos as well as a dozen bottles of Amyl. I told him to just park the car in the garage and bring everything in when he got back. As he started the car up and pulled out of the driveway, I thought I was going to come in my pants there and then.

While he was away, I went through my drawers and found a pair of black Calvin Klein athletic trunks which really showed off my bulge and highlighted the work that my trainer and I had been doing with my butt. I found a grey singlet top and slipped that on as well. When he got back after an hour, I was working out. He walked in and his eyes immediately went to my body as it strained and pumped the weights up and down.

‘Gee, I didn’t know you worked out Mr. Mac. You sure have got a good body. Your suits don’t show off how much work you’ve done!’ he stammered. ‘Do you work out as well, Wayne?’ I asked. ‘Yea, although not as much as I would like. I skate and surf a bit though and that keeps me pretty toned.’ He replied. ‘Would you like to work out now, Wayne? I have told the manager that you are working for me today, so don’t worry about your job’. ‘Could I? That would be way cool, Mr. Mac!’ ‘Wayne, my name is Steve, keep the Misters for in the hotel, OK?’ ‘Sweet’ he replied. As I got up from the weight bench he eased himself down and sat on the edge.

‘Mr….. I mean Steve, do you mind if I take my shirt off while I pump as it only gets in the road’. ‘No not at all, as a matter of fact, so might your uniform pants. Why don’t you take them off as well. Are you wearing any jocks under those?’ ‘ Yea, but I’d rather keep them on if you don’t mind’. ‘Now come on Wayne, I’ve been around and seen a lot, there isn’t anything hiding there that I haven’t seen before’. ‘Well, it’s just that I only have a G-string on under these. The ladies love it when I bend over and they can’t see any jock lines. It really helps with the tips’ he laughed. ‘That’s OK, I often wear G-strings myself. In fact I like to work out in a jock strap a lot of the time. It lets me see all the muscles as they work’. ‘Cool, I like to watch my muscles work too. I love mirrors in weight rooms. I will whip my duds off as long as you don’t mind’ ‘Go for it’ I said.

As he stood and slowly started unbuttoning his shirt, my breath started to get shorter. Here I was just about to work out with the hottest looking sixteen year old I’d seen in a long time and have him also do it in a G-string! Dreams do come true! He peeled the shirt back off of that glorious chest to reveal the smooth and beautiful vision that I had witnessed earlier. Next he sat back down and started to take off his socks and shoes and then stood to undo his belt. He turned his back to me at this stage as I think he was modest so I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t disappointed as his firm bubble butt was held clenched and the strap of his G-string was just visible on the snow white taut arse presented to me. I saw the fine line half way down his calves where his board shorts finished and thought how much of a contrast his good golden complexion was to the stark white of his bubble butt. With his back to me, he carefully folded his shirt and trousers and placed them on the spare chair.

As he turned, I gasped. The bulge that presented itself in his tight G string was huge! I couldn’t help but stare at the wisps of light brown hair just poking over the top of it. The material that the string was made from was mesh and I could see not only the outline of his cock but that he was circumcised as well. My own cock twitched wickedly as I eat in this magnificent vision. He seemed a little uncomfortable as he prepared to sit down. ‘What’s the hassle Wayne?’ I asked. ‘Its just that I feel a little self conscious sitting here with only my G string on in front of you’ he replied. ‘If that’s all that’s bothering you, I’ll make it fair for you. Tell you what I am wearing a jockstrap under this, how about I strip down to that so you don’t have to fell so awkward’. ‘That would be really cool… you don’t mind do you?’ ‘No, I already told you that I often work out only wearing one so don’t panic’. With that I slowly pulled down my Calvins to reveal the swimmers black jock that I was wearing. My cock was extra sensitive as I had been dreaming of this Adonis and it filled the pouch to bursting capacity. Although I wasn’t totally hard, it was at least half hard from the view in front of me.

With this Wayne obviously relaxed more. Was I imagining it or did Wayne actually spend a bit more time than usual checking out my bulge? Only time will tell. At this stage the plan had really formulated in my mind and I knew exactly how I was going to get this boy into my bed.

He started to lift the bar bell that was in the rack and I watched in awe as his young firm muscles moved to and fro with the up and down movements. As the weight was heavy, I asked if he wanted me to spot him and then took a position at the head of the weight bench. His eyes looked straight up and stared at my bulge just inches away from his face. He continued to lift the weights and as he did this I looked down at his groin and saw that his cock was slowly filling with hot throbs as the material was starting to tent out the front of his string.

After about ten minutes of this he had started to work up a good sweat and his muscles were glistening in the heat of the room. He went through a routine that worked most of his muscle groups and with this I said that it was probably time to stop for a while. ‘Yea, I think I might bust a boiler if I keep going. You really have some good equipment here’ he said. More than you know, I thought to myself. ‘Why don’t we go and have a cool drink and sit down for a while.’ ‘That would be cool, I’ll just get dressed’ he said. ‘Wait a minute, if you put those clothes back on without having a shower you’ll feel really uncomfortable. Just bring them through and you can have a shower afterwards, OK?’ ‘Cool, if you don’t mind that is?’

With that he walked through the door and headed towards the living room. I asked what he would like to drink and he said just a Gatorade, which I got from the bar fridge. He was obviously in awe of the surroundings and said that I had a really neat place. I told him to go for a walk around and have a look at the rest of it he liked while I fixed myself a drink. Good, I thought, while he is out of the room I can get stage 2 organised. Off he headed with that piece of string between his perfectly moulded arse cheeks and was back in a matter of minutes with a huge smile on his face. He said it was really neat that I had my own spa and sauna and that my bedroom was huge. I simply shrugged it off as the privileges of owning a big hotel. What vision it was watching this hot young buck walking through my rooms in that see through G string. My cock was on fire!

While he was out of the room, I opened the packages that I had asked him to pick up and casually left a few of the porno videos lying on the arm of the couch. I also slipped a bottle of the Amyl, down the side of the couch cushions within easy reach. He sat down on the couch and he couldn’t but help notice the package lying open on the table and the videos resting on the arm of the chair. His eyes widened when he say the beautiful blonde girl on the cover sandwiched between the two hot studs, one blonde and one brunette, on the cover. His cock gave an involuntary twitch!

‘Do you like porno, Wayne?’ I asked knowing full well that all young guys love it. ‘Yea, but I haven’t had the chance to see too much of it. Everytime I get the guts up to go out and buy some, my brother steals it from me and the pages always get stuck together so I end up throwing them away’ he said. ‘That’s what I like about videos, no pages to stick together’ I laughed. ‘Besides, the action is always better if it moves rather just a still picture. Would you like to watch one?’ ‘Would that be alright, I mean I don’t want you going to any trouble’ ‘Sure, you pick out the one you want to watch’ They were all chosen as they had bisexual scenes in them and I intended to use them to seduce the guys tomorrow night at the party.

He picked out the one that was right on the arm and handed it to me to put into the player. I had just installed a big screen TV. And had a theatre sound system fitted to it. As the image filled the screen, the sound pumped through the six speakers around the room. The first scene was very straight forward. Boy meets girl, girl sucks boy’s cock, boy fucks girl and leaves. The actors were cute and the stud in the movie had a nine inch cock which throbbed wickedly as he ate the girl’s dripping cunt out. I looked at Wayne, who stared at the screen and noticed that he had his hands over his crotch hiding from me the bulge underneath. ‘Hey, Wayne, would you do me a favour and get me another beer?’ I asked, knowing that he would have to move his hands if he did. ‘No problem, Steve’ he said as he got up. I watched that beautiful arse sway gently as he went behind the bar and when he turned to come back I saw what I wanted. About seven inches of hard meat was wedged between the cloth and his groin and the knob was causing the bottom of his briefs to stand out in a really lewd manner. ‘You obviously are enjoying the movie’ I said. ‘Yea, it’s really hot.’

He sat down again just as the next scene came on. This was a scene with the three actors who were on the cover. It started with the blonde and the girl making out in the bed and suddenly the other guy walking in on them. He started to fight with the other guy as the girl curled up in the corner of the bed and as the guys fought the brunette had his clothes ripped off of him revealing a substantial sized cock and as the two guys continued it was obvious that both guys were getting turned on from the wrestling they were doing with each other. As they gave each other a bear hug their hard cocks touched and then without warning the blonde started to really deep kiss the brunette. Meanwhile the girl was watching all this and started to finger fuck herself as she turned on to the scene as well. The guys went down and 69’d each other with the girl licking the blonde guys arse.

I look over at Wayne and saw that he was gently rubbing his hand across the bulge that showed itself and I heard him moan as he saw the two guys start kissing. ‘Turn you on?’ I asked. ‘I’ve never seen that before, it’s wild’ he said. I smiled at him as I started to rub my dick through my jock strap knowing he could see everything I was doing. I slowly slipped my hand down the front and started to really give my dick some good hard squeezing. I knew that there was no way that Wayne could not see what I was doing. With this I reached down and grabbed the bottle I had stashed and took a really deep draw of the aroma inside. The smell of the new bottle had its usual effect and immediately I got hornier than hell.

Wayne looked puzzled at what I had just done so I told him that Amyl makes you feel really horny and that it makes your whole body tingle but really makes your cock throb. I asked if he would like to give it a try. ‘Sure, I’ll give anything a try once’ he said, ‘twice if I like it!’ A smile appeared on his face as I passed the bottle to him. I explained how to get a good hit from it. I love watching guys who have never had amyl do their first hit!

He took a strong hit and immediately leaned right back in the chair. This gave me a great view of the neatly pressed package hiding in his G string, I could tell from his extremely hard bulge that he was also circumcised. ‘Whoa, that’s awesome! My head feels like its going to go through the roof!’ ‘Just relax and let it calm down just a little and then think about how your dick feels!’ I said. My plan was working perfectly. I just had to not rush it.

With that, I watched as Wayne’s cock throbbed uncontrollably. ‘Shit man, it makes you feel like you want to cum!’ ‘Sure does, doesn’t it!’ I replied to my little 18 year old stud. By now his hand was no longer hiding his heavily stuffed basket but was gently caressing the knob of his hard cock through the flimsy material covering his boyhood.

I reached across him and took the bottle for another sniff. When I had finished I handed it to him and he did the same. My hand under my strap worked up and down my hard shaft as I watched Wayne getting more and more turned on. By now the scene on the movie had moved to the blonde fucking the girl while the brunette fingered his arse.

‘Wayne, I hope you don’t mind but as you can see, I am really turned on to this movie and I think I am going to have to get more comfortable’. With that I stood and slowly peeled down my black jockstrap until it was around my knees. I saw Wayne’s eyes follow the thin material as it inched its way down my thighs and as my cock came into view I saw his hand squeeze his cock through the string holding them back. I slowly stoked my hard cock putting on a show for this handsome young stud.

‘That looks like a really good idea, hope you don’t mind if I join you?’ Wayne asked. ‘Not at all, I feel better that you are getting into it as well’ ‘Getting out of it you mean!’ he replied as he reached for the amyl again. He took another deep hit and then slowly lifted that cute little bubble butt off the couch and slide the string downwards. I was going to at last see the boy’s throbbing tower of meat in all its glory. As his blonde pubes came into sight, his cock gave a gentle thwack as it struck his stomach when released from its cloth prison. A hot steaming 8 inches of hard cock met my eyes. His hand slowly wrapped itself around his shaft and started a slow up and down stroking. He looked over at me as he reached for his cock and gave the dreamiest look from those beautiful eyes.

I reached into the packet on the table and pulled out the large economy bottle of lube that I had requested and smeared some all over my hard dick. Wayne watched my glistening cock as I stroked it to its hardest yet. I grabbed the shaft and squeezed it for all its worth causing the knob to turn dark crimson and I let out a low moan. Wayne took another hit of amyl and then reached over me for the lube bottle. As he did his elbow inadvertently touched my cock and I let out another moan. His eyes lit up. He coated his hard shaft with the lube.

‘Steve, I’ve never done this before but would you mind if I did something I have always thought about doing? I mean you really are a hot dude and I wonder if you would let me cop a feel of that rod of yours’ Wayne asked. ‘Sure, just let’s have another hit of amyl and maybe you’ll let me feel yours as well’ ‘Do you really want to?’ he asked with a stunned look on his face. ‘Sure you are a hot looking piece of man meat too you know Wayne’ I replied. As he reached over our hands crossed in mid air. I took his throbbing cock in my hand as he held my boner in his. His hands were warm and soft but his cock was hard, hot and throbbing. We each slowly stoked each other up and down as the movie rolled on.

Wayne had that glazed look in his eyes that only can be found in a man ready for anything! I took the lead and slowly leaned over those screaming abs and licked his nipples. ‘Whoa, that feels good!’ he groaned as my tongue swirled around those tight little pennies. I moved from one to the other then allowed my tongue to work further down loving the feel of that tight stomach.

I found that little belly button and started to fuck it in and out with my tongue. Wayne threw his head back against the couch and just moaned. I could see what I was aiming for dripping within reach of my hot tongue. I inched down to those blonde pubes and slowly circled around the base of that throbbing eight inch monster.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and it appeared Wayne couldn’t either as he almost screamed at me ‘ Suck my cock, man. Shove it down your throat!’ It turned me on that this man boy was so forceful! He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to swallow his boymeat! I wrapped my lips around that glistening knob and worked my throat hard on the steel like shaft.

He groaned loudly as my lips met the base of his throbbing cock and I worked up and down.

‘Ooooooh, fuck that is awesome! Keep sucking me I’m gonna cum!’

I slurped heavily on his boy tower and felt his knob swell in my throat. I wasn’t going to miss any of his boy cream and lowered my mouth as deeply as I could down his shaft.

‘Take it Steve! Here it cums! Aaaaagh!.’ I felt his cock convulse deep in my gullet as volley after volley of hot, fresh boy cum ran down my throat. I swallowed hard!

When Wayne had finished cumming I let my mouth come slowly back up the still hard shaft and ran my tongue around the slightly softer underside of his knob.

‘Oh man, I haven’t had a head job like that ever! Wow, you really know how to blow a cock well, Steve!. It’s my turn now! I mean fair is fair!’ Wayne said with a twinkle in his eyes.

He repeated exactly what I had done to him. He learns fast, I thought. As I felt his hot lips wrap around my shaft, I couldn’t resist placing a hand on that bubble butt. I felt how smooth that white expanse was as he slowly worked up and down. I lay back on the couch and told Wayne to lie down as well. I wanted more of this hot young dude’s body.

I held his hard again shaft and rubbed those buns as he sucked deeply on the hot cock in his mouth. I reached out with my tongue and licked his cock again and decided a 69 was definitely called for.

As my tongue found his cock I rolled him over on top of me. The sight that met my eyes was pure heaven. There poised right above me was the delicate little pink rose of his arse. A few wispy blonde hairs stuck out but mostly it was hairless. I couldn’t resist it any longer! I started to move my tongue over those young bull balls, swirling around the tight sack. My lips sucked along the line between his balls and his arse working closer to the beckoning hole, twitching wickedly before my eyes.

I licked all around the hole until I couldn’t stand it any more and stuck my tongue as deep as it would fit into his tight, hot little hole! ‘Aaagh, fuck! That’s wild’ Wayne screamed. As he felt my tongue invade his virgin arse, he convulsed again and I could feel he was close again to blowing his second load all over my chest. It was all too much for me, as he let loose, I released the load I had been saving just for him.

We both groaned as we blew together. I was surprised that Wayne took every drop!

He slowly lifted his head and ran his tongue around the sensitive head of my cock and then looked at me and smiled. ‘That was excellent, Steve! You really are one hot stud!’ he said a small dribble of cum hanging down from his chin. I couldn’t help but smile. His eyes swallowed me and I drowned in their depth.

‘So are you, Wayne’ I replied. He slowly bought his head up and gently kissed me on the lips. I wrapped my arms around him and held that tight, young body against mine as we passed our tongues back and forth in each other’s mouths. I felt his cock stir again and realised this hot young fucker could probably go again. Oh, the joy of youth!

‘Wayne you had better get cleaned up and head back to work! They will be wondering what has happened to you’ I said looking up as those blonde locks dropped slowly over his eyes. ‘Yeah, I guess you are right, Mr. Mac’ he replied half heartedly. I could hear the disappointment in his voice.

‘Look, I am having a few guys over tonight for some fun. That is why you had to go and get those things for me. Would you like to come?’ I asked hoping that he couldn’t refuse.

‘Thanks Mr. Mac but I wouldn’t want to get in the way’ he said looking forlorn.

‘Hey Wayne, if I thought you were going to get in the way, would I have asked you? I want you there, I think you will have a lot of fun!’ I stated as a smile came back to those beautiful full lips I had only moments ago loving caressed.

‘Okay, sounds great! I’ll just go and shower. What time would you like me to arrive?’ he asked as he slowly put his briefs back on.

‘Any time you want, Wayne. Anytime you want’ I replied thinking of the possibilities that could arise. I felt my cock stir as he leant over and put his slacks back on, that bubble butt sticking almost in my face. I have plans for you, I thought wickedly.

‘Alright, I’ll be here as soon as I get off work. My olds are away at the moment so I don’t have to go home for any reason. Is that cool?’ Wayne asked.

‘That’s fine, Wayne. Now you go and hit the showers and I’ll see you later.’ With that he leaned over and placed those lips once more on mine and we gave each other a brief parting kiss.

As he walked out the door heading for the staff changing room, I let my mind wander thinking about the hot action that lay ahead. I decided it was going to be one hell of night! Yes, indeed, one hell of a hot, fucking night!

After my little episode with Wayne, I knew I had better head back to the desk to see what had been going on. I guess my timing was perfect as Scott, my bar manager, had left a message that he would like to speak to me. Scott is another of my specially trained staff. He and I had had several good times in the cold rooms and the bars when all the staff and guests had left. Scott was only twenty-one, but he was a good operator in more ways than one. He was very much a Brendan Fraser look alike although a slightly slimmer and younger version. Scott also liked to not only shave his balls and legs but every bit of hair on his body except his head of course. This was always a HUGE turn on for me!

It seemed one of his bar attendants had been caught breaking the house rule of sleeping with the guests. He was seen on video tape entering a room and leaving three hours later. Scott asked me what we should do about it.

“He’s working today?” I asked Scott who simply nodded his reply. “Well, you tell him I would like to see him in my office in 15 minutes” I said as I headed off. Remembering Scott, I turned and with a sly grin said, “Oh, by the way, I am having a special party you would like tonight at my place be there!” Scott wryly smiled as he walked away. I knew he wouldn’t want to miss out on any action that I thought up.

As I sat in my office, I opened the file on the bar attendant, Wayne North. I found it hard to concentrate on the file as talking with Scott had made my dick go hard again. He always had that effect on me. No wonder I kept him around! There was a timid knock on my door.

“Come in” I said as the door gently opened and Wayne entered. He was quite a nice little package; a soft, dark wavy brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, nice trim little body. I was wondering why I hadn’t made a move on this boy before. Maybe Scott was keeping him for himself!

“Take a seat, Wayne. Do you know why you are here?” I asked in my best stern voice I could muster. I might add, it (as well as my dick) was very hard as he had a very innocent look about him.

“Yes, Mr Mac, I broke a house rule.” He said with his eyes slowly looking down. The ‘little boy lost’ look always got to me. I noticed also that his eyes were looking slightly damp.

“Tell me why you did it Wayne? You knew it was against the rules and yet you went ahead and did it. You must have had a good reason, so I want to know what it is.” I said looking down at him as he clasped his hands in his lap.

Next thing he starts to sob gently as he tells me why. It appears he lives with his brother who has a real problem with drugs. Last week, Jon, his brother stole the rent money to buy some Coke. Wayne had been working away when one of the old girls we get in on a Friday night put the hard word on him, which he politely refused. She was persistent and offered him money and, well, that was how he ended up in the room.

“What did you have to do for the money?” I asked curious as all hell as he would be the sort of guy that even I would think about paying for.

“I would rather not say Mr Mac. I don’t want to seem impertinent but it is a bit embarrassing”

“Wayne, you could easily loose your job if you don’t tell me, so just get on with it. You think after 15 years in hotels I haven’t seen it all?” I replied.

“Okay, first she made me watch while she got undressed and put on some sexy lingerie. Then she sat in the chair opposite me and started to play with herself. She told me, she didn’t want me to touch her, just watch. Well, I did just that as she wasn’t really turning me on that much, when all of the sudden the door opens and there is this real young dude standing there.”

“ ‘Up to your old tricks again, I see’ he said. With that he sat on the bed opposite her and started to take off his clothes. What the fuck, oops, sorry Mr Mac, was going on I thought? He stood up to take off his boxer briefs and then his cock just popped right on out. I watched as he slowly started wanking and then he told me to stand and strip off. Now, as I said earlier she wasn’t really turning me on, but this young dude and the whole set up had given me a boner so I slowly undid my shirt and pants and let them drop. He then made me take off my speedos and my hard on gave me away. I then sat and wanked while they fucked each other stupid. Turns out he is her regular toyboy and they like showing off for guys.”

“How much did they pay you?” I asked.

“$200 dollars” Wayne said.

“Hmmm, Wayne, what are we going to do about all this?” I said painfully aware that my hard on was twisted around in my jockstrap. ““I don’t want to fire you as you have been a good employee up until now but you need to be made aware you have done the wrong thing.”

“Oh please Mr. Mac, I’ll do anything. I really need to keep this job. I love working here and you are a good boss”.

“Alright then, you said you’ll do anything?”

“Yes, ANYTHING!” he said as once again his eyes welled up.

“What did your father do when you were really bad?” I asked him.

“He used to spank me” he almost whispered.

“How did he do that?”

“He used to make me strip off in front of him and then he would lay me over his knee and give a sound slapping till I cried”

“Well, Dad and I agree on that. That’s what we’ll do.”

“No way, Mr. Mac, I haven’t been spanked in five years!”

“You want to keep your job?”


“No buts! Strip ‘em off boy!”

Slowly he stood. He looked at me with a flushed expression and then I saw his hands go to his shirt. He unbuttoned his collar and peeled his shirt off leaving me to admire his young hairless six pack. Next he kicked off his shoes and leaned over as he took off his socks. Obviously his father had been very thorough. Once his shoes and socks were off, his hands fumbled with his belt and undid his black trousers. I saw a flash of black underneath as he pulled the front open. He was wearing speedos!

“Come here Wayne. It is time you took your punishment” I almost snarled as I pushed my chair back. I made no effort to hide my throbbing cock as he slowly walked over to my chair. “Kneel down and lean over my knee!”

He did as he was told and I saw the most beautiful bubble butt staring back at me. I raised my hand and sent the first smack almost gently down on the boy butt. Again and again I did this until I realised he wasn’t even squirming.

“I think you can’t feel this, Wayne. Stand up!” I almost shouted.

He slowly stood and what greeted my gaze surprised me. It was obvious he had a hard on. There was even a wet spot on his left hip where his knob rested. I told him to take his speedos off which he did blushing all the way. His young cock was uncut and his head was fully showing as a small drop of precum leaked seductively. He wasn’t that hairy and I noticed he had smooth balls.

He leant back over my knee as I started again to spank that cute little red arse. I liked the way he clenched and unclenched his cheeks with each stroke. I slowly moved my free hand under him and played with his balls and prick as I spanked him.

“Ummphhh! Harder Mr. Mac, I have been very bad and NEED a real good lesson!” he panted as I really started laying into that cute arse.

I could feel his balls tightening as I knew he was getting close to blowing is load. “AAAARRgh! He screamed as I felt spasm after spasm wrack his tight young body. He must have thrown eight good strong spurts as I felt my pant leg drenched with hot boy cum. As he settled down I stopped spanking him and continued to slowly stroke his cock.

“I see being spanked turns you on” I said stating the obvious.

“Yeah, my brother does it to me whenever I have done something he doesn’t like which seems to be very often these days. Ummm, Mr Mac…he also makes me clean up my mess.”

“Get down and do it then boy!” I said as he kneeled and slowly licked his cum off my leg. His hands made their way towards my burning crotch but I pushed them away. I had other plans for Wayne.

“Wayne, I am throwing a party tonight and I need a bar attendant. You will be there and you WILL do anything anyone asks you to do. Is that clear? And from now on when we are alone you are to call me Sir! Do you understand boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll do as I am told” he said. He had the slightest hint of a smile on his face as he said it too.

“Now get dressed and meet me at my house when you finish at four we need to get everything ready for my guests”

“Yes, Sir and thank you for punishing me, I really needed it”

“That’s alright son. Just remember I still haven’t decided NOT to fire you!”

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