Dominated by Alex’s Boyfriend

I’ve been wanting to tell you guys more about Alex’s boyfriend but as you can tell from yesterday’s blog post, I’ve been busy adding more movies.

Right now I’m going to sit down and tell you guys what has been going on over the last week or so.  Last time I blogged about Alex and his boyfriend, Alex was going on his first ‘date’ with Adam (that is what I’m going to call him, not his real name).  I saw them running down the beach outside my house and Adam looked fucking hot.  They were both shirtless but were wearing shorts instead of speedos.

Alex texted me a couple of hours later saying they went back to Adam’s place, showered together in their speedos (the speedos didn’t stay on long) and they fucked each others brains out for a couple of hours.  Lucky bastard!!!

Over the next few days Alex and Adam would hook up pretty much every night.  Alex said the sex was great and as they got to know each other better Alex got to mention me, told Adam that he was his first ever guy other than me one on one (Alex and I have had threesomes and foursomes but I’ve always been the one to initiate it and Alex kind of just tagged along).  During their pillow talk Alex explained some of our sexual exploits (I have written all about them in rather graphic detail from Alex’s first time doing ‘anything’ to a foursome we had in Byron Bay).

Adam also explained some of his sexual activities.  Although being straight acting, Adam is out to his friends and family and is very much part of the lifestyle and has been for years.  So far Adam had been pretty gentle with Alex but Adam admitted that he loves being dominant.  Nothing too hardcore but he loves being the boss.

It was a couple of days after Alex mentioned this revelation to me that Alex broached the subject of Adam ‘dominating’ the two of us.  I’ve got a feeling this was exactly what Adam had wanted, I know it was what I wanted when I first heard of this.

I told Alex I was keen if he was but I didn’t want to get between him and Adam in any way.  Alex definitely liked Adam and I think there is a chance of them having a proper relationship, my interests right now are purely sexual.  He’d check with Adam and get back to me.  3 hours later, after fucking Adam, Alex got back to me via text/sms.

Adam thinks it would be awesome, how is tomorrow night at his place?

I’m in.

About 24 hours later, Alex picked me up.  As instructed I brought along my handcuffs, lube and condoms.  I was wearing my black lycra speedo brand speedos, Alex was wearing a pair of black lycra speedos and I would soon find out that Adam was also wearing a pair of black lycra speedo brand speedos (this was chosen because it is the only pair of speedos that all three of us owned that were identical.

Black Speedos GuyBlack Speedo ButtBlack Speedos

Adam’s place was only 10 minutes drive and I could tell how excited Alex was.  I reached over, slipped my hand under Alex’s jeans and started rubbing his cock, I used my other hand to rub my own cock under my jeans.  We arrived at Adam’s place both 100% hard.

Before we could knock on Adam’s door, he opened it to reveal himself in all his glory.  This guy is really, really fit (hence why he and Alex met at a triathlon camp).  Adam was wearing a pair of black speedos and that was it.  Not only is he gorgeous, his smile was gorgeous and he welcomed us in.

Dave, I can’t believe I had never seen your blog before.  Like you, I believe in a ‘speedo only’ policy so get those jeans off boys.

Alex and I stripped our clothes off pretty quickly, while Adam watched us the entire time.

We moved into the living room, I had my little overnight bag with my sex kit in it but otherwise the three of us had nothing on our persons except our speedos.

Normally at my place, I like to let every chill out, have a drink, start talking about sex and speedos and lets things kind of start by themselves.  Adam was straight down to business….

Dave, you brought your handcuffs right?


Put them on Alex, behind his back.

While I did this, Adam picked up some rope.  Over the next 2 minutes I saw Adam sit Alex on the couh, tie his legs apart at the knees, and tie his chest so he could move too much.  When it was done I admired Adam’s rope skills.

Tied up in Speedos

Then Adam announced:

Alex, now Dave and I are going to fuck.

With that, Adam turned to me and we both started making out.  I was still hard from rubbing myself in the car, Adam started off semi hard but was 100% hard very quickly.  Standing in front of Alex we somehow got our cocks lined up and we were thrusting against each other while we made out.

Speedo Kissing

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long before Adam started shuddering and came in his speedos.  He broke off our kiss and I could see the cum soaking through his speedos.

So much for the ‘fucking’, I think Adam just got really hot really quickly.  I wasn’t complaining though it was a little weird me just standing there with a raging hard on in my speedos.

Adam removed his speedos, careful to keep as much cum inside them as he could.

Pull your cock out Dave.

As I pulled my rock hard cock out the right leg of my speedos Adam came behind me and started jerking me off.  He had his speedos in his left hand.  I was standing there, 2 feet from Alex, enjoying the view of Alex’s cock straining the front of his speedos as Adam jerked me off.  It took me a little while, probably because of the slight weirdness of it all but I did start to cum and Adam held up his cum soaked speedos and I unloaded into them.  Adam used his speedo to wipe up all the cum.

While I tucked my cock back in, Adam moved over to Alex and thrust the cum covered speedos all over Alex’s face.  Alex isn’t a huge cum lover, he has swallowed me a few times but only when he is super horny.  Right now, Alex was super horny and he did what Adam told him.

With his speedos in Alex’s face, Adam did reach down and rub the front of Alex’s speedo.  It wasn’t long until Alex was cumming in his speedos.  As I watched it I could see Alex thrashing around a little but his mouth was muffled from the speedos in his face and he couldn’t move that much because he was bound so well.  I was watching the front of his speedos and the first indication that he was cumming was his cum appearing through them.

Cum in Speedos

A little weird but it was still pretty hot.

Adam untied Alex, put his speedos back on and finally asked us if we’d like a drink.

For the next hour the three of us chilled out, I sat on a couch opposite Alex and Adam who sat next to each other and it was fun watching their hands never be still.  After two drinks the three of us were horny again.

This time Alex got spit roasted.  Adam was fucking him while he sucked me off while jerking himself off.  Adam came first again so I went around and fucked Alex…. this time he came just before I started cumming.

ThreesomeGay Spit RoastSpit Roast

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