Fuck Facebook

This coming week is probably the last chance I’ll have to do some naughty outdoor activities, holidays are coming up and town, and all the beaches get super busy.

I’m sure Alex will be up for some threesome, foursome or more some beach activities.  I’ll put my head down and think about it, would be cool if someone had a private pool we could play at…..  anyone?

Speedo ThreesomePool Threesome

Ow yeah, the reason for this post.  Sometimes I start posts, save them, walk away, do some work, go for a surf or a swim and come back hours later and have lost my train of thought.

So today another Facebook account of mine was shut down because of a photo of a guy in a speedo that some arsehole complained about.  I didn’t realise that a guy wearing a speedo is against Facebooks policy as it is against Grindr’s policy.  This is the 3rd time I think that Facebook has shut down a page of mine for no real reason.  I barely use my personal Facebook account because of all the crap people post (it is like the old days of people forwarding email jokes) and I’ve given up.

At least here I can post whatever I want (that is legal of course).  For the next few days I think I will post some hot, naughty, speedo photos and videos that would definitely not be Facebook appropriate.

Fuck Facebook

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