Luke Evans – Celebrity in Speedos

Road trip/Sex Safari is going great guys.  Yesterday was a bit of a drive and Alex and I are still at the Aanuka Resort which is right on the beach and we had a fuck this morning (instead of a surf).  Last night I wanted to fuck Alex on the beach or just somewhere outdoors but he was too nervous.  It is kind of cute how he is still afraid of being seen as gay… when we checked in he made a point to ask the check-in chick if there were 2 beds.

We didn’t end up sleeping in the same bed but we were both in one of them at the same time of course.

Anyway, that is enough of that, here are some pics that I’ve been working on this morning sitting in bed.

I always love a celebrity speedo sighting and here are some pics that I found the other day of ‘Luke Evans’.  I really don’t have any idea who he was until I looked him up.  He was in the last couple of Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies where I liked his character but I haven’t seen the other movies that he has been in.

But, now that I have seen this guy in a speedo, I’m a fan!!!

And I’m a fan of that blue Arena speedo he is wearing too, just perfect low on the hips with a nice bulge……

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