My First Gay Wedding

Late night blog post from my couch.

The last few days have been fun playing tour guide to the American chick.  She is a good sport and I think she is having fun.

Friday BBQ went down well but unfortunately the weather hasn’t been great.  Tomorrow (Sunday) looks like a shocker, windy, cold and raining so it looks like the American will get a taste of some Australian culture…. sitting around watching sport and drinking piss all day – for those who don’t know, ‘piss’ refers to alcohol.

There was an interesting admission from the American chick tonight but I know that she reads this blog and her friend from Colorado reads this blog and she might have been a little tipsy so I’m not going to mention any more just yet.

One thing I haven’t mentioned to you guys is that I’m going to the US at the end of the month. Some good friends of Kip’s are getting married, I’ve met them a few times and they were nice enough to ask me, I think maybe they didn’t expect that I would accept and fly all the way over.  The main thing I’m heading over for is the bachelor party which is on some lake down in Arizona/New Mexico which sounds like a blast.

It will also be my first gay wedding – I’m not sure if that means there are 2 bachelors or if someone is playing the roll of the bachelorette?  I’m not sure how to broach that subject but I’ll find out one way or the other.

I’ll tell you guys more about it closer to the date but I’m excited, I’ve never been to North America during their summer and it will be interesting to see Breckenridge during the summer as well.

OK, time for sleep.

Jet Skiing in a SpeedoBoat SpeedoBoating in Speedos

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