Speedo Travels

As you guys read this I’m probably up over the Pacific ocean somewhere.

I wanted to let you know know what speedos I have packed for this trip.

  • Red Arena (for naughty as well as lap swimming if I get a chance)
  • Red AussieBums (I got to fuck Alex in these two red speedos and Kip doesn’t have a pair of red speedos in his collection)
  • AussieBum Portseas (there is so much history with these speedos I can’t leave them behind, they are a little small on me so they will be perfect for a ‘speedo only’ party which Kip has told me he is organizing).
  • White Arena (these are really small and intended for use in the bedroom and as a surprise when Kip, or any other cute American guys take off my jeans).

I’ve also ordered 2 pairs of speedos that should arrive about the same day I will…. can anyone guess what I ordered?  It is such an open ended question I will offer a 12 months membership to SwimmerBoyz.com if anyone can guess (just leave a comment).

My Speedos

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