Speedos Only Pool Party

Another crazy busy end to last week and this weekend has been the same.

I’ve been working on changing over the members area of this site to a processor that I’ve used for over a decade.  I really like them and think it will be a smoother members experience.  There is some stuff I have to wait until Monday to get finished and when I do I’ll email all the members with news.  Logins won’t change and you guys will still have full access of course.

Exciting but lots and lots of work, I’ve been amazed at how many fans/readers have taken up the membership option and I really appreciate it.  Once I get this system changed over I have a few surprised I think you guys will enjoy.

That is enough work stuff….. a week or so ago I posted about how I wanted to have a speedo sex session up at Birdie Beach before things got too busy with school holidays and stuff.  Turns out that one of the new blog members has a really cool looking house about half an hour north of Terrigal and the house has an amazing pool which is private.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

We were going to try and do it this weekend but I knew I’d be working too much so next Saturday Alex is keen.  Anyone else want to come along, hang out in a beautiful pool all day.  It will be a ‘speedo only’ event of course.

Between now and then I have probably 50 or 60 hours of work so it will keep me motivated.  I will be sure to keep you guys posted.

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