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Allen King in Speedos

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A few months ago I posted this photo mentioning how cute this guy is and how he kinda looks like Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber Speedo Photo

When I posted this, one of my readers/fans commented that the guy is a porn star called Allen King.  So I looked him up and it turns out Allen King likes speedos and is renowned for his bottoming skills – ie. being pounded in the arse.  He is only a little guy but he routinely gets fucked by big masculine men.

I did manage to find and purchase the rights to one of his recent movies feature him and his boyfriend poolside in speedos.

Gay Speedo Movie

What I think is awesome about this movie is that the speedos Allen is wearing, he actually wears out in public.

Porn Star in Speedos

And here are two movies for you guys featuring Allen.  The first one is his latest with his boyfriend.

If you are not seeing the movies or the full sized photos, it means you aren’t a member.  I would join just for these pics and movies alone.
Give it a try – click here to join now.

Allen King Speedo Movie

This movie is Allen in the pool being fucked by a masculine bear wearing a suit.  He can definitely take some cock this guy.

Allen King in Speedos

August 19th, 2016

Alex’s First Bondage Session

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As I mentioned in the closing of yesterdays post… Alex did come around for a Surf and Suck…. I just thought about it, Surf and Turf kind of makes sense too – hehehehe.  I’m so funny, I am texting Alex that right now though, I hope he isn’t in some important work meeting.

Here is a story (for members only – remember it is only $5 to join – click here) about Alex’s first ever fuck.  I had been taking it slow with him and I really wanted him to enjoy it and not be too sore.

This happened in July 2014 when Alex was living with a girlfriend.  How things have changed in those 18 months or so.  No days Alex can take a fucking like a champ…. but it all had to start somewhere.  I remember my first ‘bottoming’, do you guys?

Enjoy guys…..

Gay Bondage

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December 9th, 2015
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