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Today I was just going over my site and it is amazing how many different photo shoots and movies are in there.  I did start in March 2001 – holy cow that is a long time ago.  Fair enuf, when I started it I was a teenager and it was just a place to put my favourite speedo photos but it has definitely grown since then.

Here is one of the first photo shoots I added.  The model is a guy called Lance who sent me these photos.  I haven’t been in touch with Lance in years but if anyone knows what he is up to let me know.

Well, I do have a stack of new movies that I have to process – I think this week alone there should be at least 10 new movies (probably 4 hours or run time).  It is pretty amazing!!!

If you haven’t been over, it is

Over the next couple of months I’m going to post some of these photo shoots for blog members.

Teenage Speedo Model

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June 8th, 2016

Underwater Blowjob

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I am amazed at just how many speedo movies I now have in the archives.  Today I was just doing some testing of some stuff and stumbled across this movie which I haven’t watched in over 12 months.

The guy in the orange speedos has a body to just die for!!!  He is just chilling out at the pool, when the guy in blue speedos interrupts his lazy sunbaking session.  The blue speedo’d guy decides to remove his speedos and jump into the pool.

The orange speedo guy joins him and all of a sudden…. the front of those orange speedos are pulled down and his cock is getting sucked underwater.

I’ll let you guys watch the movie below to find out what happens next.

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May 3rd, 2016

House is ready for company

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Monday morning here in Australia and I am up early and I’ve just spent a couple of hours cleaning the house…. weird I know.  I’m told meth heads get into weird cleaning moods, I assure you I have never done meth.  I was just in the mood to clean and now I’m going to settle in for a day of work, I’ll probably go to the pool around lunch time.

With the house spotless I think I’m going to host a dinner party this week.  Roast lamb of course.  I figure I can ask Alex around and maybe the two girls who live next door.

Now that would be a foursome!!!

I’m going to text Alex now and see what night works for him, prolly Thursday night I think.

To start the week here is a speedo movie for you guys.  The underwater blowjob is some pretty cool…..

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October 18th, 2015
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