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My History With Alex

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Finally I’ve got some time to sit down and digest what is happening with Alex and his long time girlfriend and I would like to share it with you guys.

This is why I created this ‘members’ area so that I can be a little more open about things like this.

Let me start off by giving you guys a bit of background

I ran into Alex in the pool back on April 2nd last year (click here to read the post I wrote about it).  I’d met him before through the group of guys I know here on the coast, I assumed he was 100% str8, he had a girlfriend for like 3 years and the rest of the guys are all str8 too.  Alex was wearing a black speedo at the pool and he looked amazing in it!!!  He was swimming as part of training for a triathlon and his office wasn’t that far from the pool.

Two days after running into each other at the pool, it was a Friday night, I was out at the pub with some mates and Alex was out as well (there is only one place to really go on a Friday night).  Late that night, after a few drinks, Alex and I were off on our own and Alex leaned over and quietly said to me;

I know you are Aussie Speedo Guy

This shocked me a bit but before I could say anything Alex reassured me that my secret was safe with him.

I’m not out to any of my Central Coast mates, not even slightly bisexual to them.  If I wanted to be out it would be OK, my mates are open minded and no anti-homosexual but it would make things weird.  AND, I do consider myself bisexual so I don’t want to be labelled as being ‘gay’ at this point in my life.  What I do in the bedroom, or in the dunes, is my business, I don’t ask my str8 mates about their sex lives because it is none of my business.

After Alex outed me as Aussie Speedo Guy, I knew that Alex was reading my blog and I wrote about how hot he looked in his speedos and if he ever had a secret then he could tell me.

A week after seeing Alex at the pool for the first time, he texted me saying he was going for a swim and to my surprise he was wearing a pair of black AussieBum’s which was pretty hot and also demonstrated to me that Alex knows his speedos.  Nothing much happened at the pool, we were just 2 mates swimming some laps, both of us looking pretty fucking hot in our speedos.

For a couple of weeks Alex and I met at the pool for a swim a few times.  Then, 2 weeks after he told me he know that I am Aussie Speedo Guy, Alex texted me this on a Friday;

Dave, can’t make the pool today.  G (his girlfriend) is out of town, any chance I can crash at your place after the Beery tonight?

That Friday night I got to peel off Alex’s speedos and he had his first ever gay experience.

I wrote about it for members at the time (see the screen shot below) and I will post this for you guys ( Members) tomorrow in its entirety.

This is to be continued…….

First Time

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September 2nd, 2015

My First Threesome

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This is the experience that started this blog back in 2005.

I spent the season in a ski resort in Canada and I lived in this pretty cool house with a bunch of people, mostly Aussie’s.  Brad and Lauren were a couple that lived in the house and they were pretty cool.

Throughout the season I hung out with Brad and Lauren but nothing naughty was even suggested.  We all hottubed together and on a few occasions the Aussie guys would speedo it up (which is when Lauren would have seen me in my AussieBum Portseas).  At the end of the season there was a huge party just after the resort closed in the local town.  A whole bunch of us were staying in this motel and that is where I began explaining this experience.

I sat down and wrote this while I spent a week travelling to Calgary and then it was in May that I started this blog.

I’m outside our motel, I’m 3 sheets to the breeze and Brad and I are shooting the crack. We are talking about how good a season it was and how smoothly our house ran and Brad comes out with “You know Lauren wants to fuck you.”

A million things are going through my head – mainly that I hope Brad won’t beat the shit out of me. Before I can say a word he says…. “And if you are up to it I’d love to be there if that is OK with you?”

“You guys have obviously thought it through – what do you have in mind?” Ow my god – how the hell did I come up with that response? That was awesome – and so quick I can’t believe it.

Brad tells me there is a hot tub (what we call a spa in Aussie Land) and a steam room at the motel. Brad says that he had jammed the second entrance to the spa (which is in an undercover building with the steam room) and it should still be accessible although the spa closed at 10pm. Brad then goes on to tell me that at midnight he and Lauren would be in the steam room and Lauren would be sucking him off and he hoped that I joined them and take ‘position’ behind Lauren.

I was speechless – keen – ow yeah I was keen (being in a ski resort for 4 months and being a small community there weren’t too many guys that I could pick out to have some fun with and if I wanted any girls they were few and far between). Man this sounded hot – the first thing I was thinking about was seeing Brad’s cock get sucked. The fact that I was supposed to be fucking his girlfriend of 2 years from behind was great but it was only second thought for me.

“What can I say mate – sounds awesome. Count me in for sure.”

Then comes the bombshell!!!

“That is fantastic man – we didn’t know how you’d take to it but we think this will be really hot. If you can wear those blue speedos of yours, Lauren reckons they are hot and if you could bring some of those flavoured condoms that I’ve seen in your room.”

AussieBum Portsea

These are the blue speedos that Lauren was referring to.

And if that wasn’t enuf……

“I’m not used to the taste of cock and a strawberry one sounds pretty good to suck for me.”

This completely knocked my socks off.

The blue speedos that Lauren apparently thought were hot are a pair of AussieBum Loose Portsea’s (pictured on the right here). They are a bit too big for me but I love wearing them and now as I sit here I remember wearing them twice in the spa when I wore speedos and not boardies.

And yes – I do have some flavoured condoms in my drawer.

With that Brad walked back into Brian’s motel room to join the party. I stood there with my Scotch – absolutely stunned.

It was right on midnight when I left the rest of the room and as promised the lock was jimmy’d open (just a bit of cardboard in the door).

What got me first was how quiet everything was. As I walked in what was the emergency exit, the steamroom was to the right – the door was well an truly steamed up already and I couldn’t see anything in there. Ahead was the hot tub which I walked towards as I saw a pile of clothes. The room was dark but the dim light from the steamroom and the emergency exit sign was definitely enuf for me to make my way around.

I was nervous but all the Scotch I had consumed in the last 10hrs was playing its part. I removed my running sorts and my t-shirt (it was a button up shirt but undo the first button and I pulled it off like a t-shirt). There I was – literally 2m from my first threesome, standing in nothing by a tiny pair of nylon speedos (they are AussieBum Portsea’s officially).

AussieBum PortseasAussieBum Portsea Speedos

I walked up to the door of the steamroom – I couldn’t see anything inside except a dim glow from a corner light.

“How are you guys going?” I asked as I had the door open – still not entering yet although I knew 100% that Brad and Lauren were in there.

“Hey mate – Lauren would say hello but her mouth is full.” Brads voice cut the steam filled air – I still couldn’t see anything and I gave a nervous chuckle just as Brad did.

“C’mon in mate – Lauren is waiting for you – I trust you to be wearing a rubber.”

I had brought them but they were in the pocked of my running shorts. “2 secs mate – when Lauren starts sucking harder you’ll know I’m back.” I can’t believe I said that!!!! This is a chick I had respected and never even looked sideways at for the last 4 months. And secondly – I can’t believe I forgot the condoms. I ducked back out to the hot tub, grabbed a condom and headed back to the steamroom.

I walked in with much more purpose this time. With all the steam I still hadn’t seen any flesh yet and I had no idea on the dimentions of the room. It only took 2 steps for me to find the bikini clad arse of Lauren. For the first time I touched it – she did have a nice arse indeed. She was leaning over, 90 degrees at the waist – obviously sucking Brad’s cock although through the steam I couldn’t see that far. As promised – I pulled my rock solid cock out the side of my Portsea AussieBums. I put on the rubber (which I’m assuming from the yellow rapper was banana flavour) and pulled Laurens bikini to one side.

Over Lauren’s back I could see she wasn’t wearing her bikini top and Brad still had his speedos on and Lauren was sucking his cock which was poked out the side.

Speedo Suck

I rubbed my rubbered cock around Lauren’s pussy, and making sure I had the right hole, I entered her. On that first push Laruen gave out a muffled groan. This is definitely one of the hotter positions I’ve ever been in – my first ever MMF threesome with a very hot couple. My moans were definitely louder than Brad’s and I was getting close quickly.

It was only about 3 minutes (if that – maybe I am bragging). and I came big time. Definitely quite surprising considering how much I had to drink earlier in the evening.

After I pulled out of Lauren I removed my cum filled condom and Lauren took her mouth off Brad’s cock (for the first time since I entered the steam room) and said to me “Dave – would you like to give me a hand up here with Brad’s cock?”.

I thought she would never ask – hehehe. There wasn’t even a need for a response on that one – I tucked myself back into my Portsea AussieBums and moved up beside Lauren. Brad was sitting on the first seat with one leg on the ground and his other leg up on the seat giving enuf room for Lauren and I to attend to him.

As I got on my knees next to Lauren (I wanted to get a lower position and get a look at Brad’s balls) it was the first time I had been able to see Brad’s face. He looked down at me and said “Man this is hot isn’t it Dave.”

Bisexual Teens

He was dead right there. Brad’s cock was beautiful – cut (like mine) and shaved in the last day or so at most. His balls were shaved as well. While Lauren was working on his shaft I got underneath and started playing with Brad’s balls. My favourite thing myself is when someone (or myself – I use this on me sometimes – OK – most of the time) is to rub the bit of smooth skin between your balls and your arsehole. It drives me wild and is a great starting point to some arse fingering – hehehe. So I was licking/sucking on Brad’s balls and rubbing in that spot.

Brad was becoming a little more vocal now and moaning much louder. He was definitely getting closer. I also now realize that I’m hard again – or did I just never get soft? Brad is starting to moan much louder now and he is getting close. He asks me to finger his arse and I happily oblige. That was it – from the moment I stuck my finger in his tight, smooth arse Brad exploded into Lauren’s mouth within about 2 seconds.

I pulled away and sat next to Brad on the seat. Lauren tucked him back into his Black Speedos and sat on the other side of Brad.

So now after dumping my load in Lauren, Brad has just finished dumping his load in Lauren’s mouth and the three of us are sitting in a steam room at about 12:30am on a Monday morning.

I had only just sat down and Brad says to me “That was wicked – your turn Dave.” With that Brad jumped up off the seat and took position between my legs. Lauren slid over beside me and literally grabbed my head and started kissing me – I could taste the reminents of Brad’s cum in her mouth.

It has been 12 months since I last really kissed a girl. Definitely more ‘delicate’ than kissing a guy but it still got me going. As Lauren kissed me Brad pulled my now rock solid cock out the side of my Portsea AussieBums and started sucking on it.

WOW!!! Chicks might be just as nice to kiss as guys but guys definitely know how to suck cock. Brad wasted none of the time that I did and started fingering my arse. I wanted to look down but Lauren wasn’t going to let that happen as he had me in a vice-grip as our tongues wrestled.

I lasted probably 4 minutes this time (must be a record for a second cumming – and don’t forget how much I had drunk too). As I came I had to break Lauren’s kiss and you cannot even begin to imagine how fantastic it felt.

Brad tucked me back my Portsea AussieBums and slid up between my legs and began to kiss me.

WHAT THE???? Brad – a guy that I had been living with for 4 months – I had no idea!!! The kiss didn’t last long but I got my second taste of cum for the evening (Brad’s cum via Lauren’s mouth being my first taste). Brad then moved over to Lauren telling her she needed a taste of some ‘Dave Juice’.

Speedo KissingKissing in Speedos

This time I was absolutely spent!!! Withing 20 seconds of cumming the tiredness and the alcohol caught up on me. But the night wasn’t done just yet. Lauren broke off her kiss with Brad and announced “My turn boys. Now Dave lie down on the floor.”

With a few more specific directions I laid down on the floor – not quite sure what the position was going to be. Lauren had things all figured out though. As I lay on the floor she positioned herself (her pussy actually) over my face and her head was then inline with Brad’s cock. She pulled her bikini to the side and lowered her shaved pussy to my face.

Now eating pussy is definitely not one of my favourite things but since I had just received a blow job from her boyfriend I thought I should play along. Being shaved the smell wasn’t that bad although I did get her ooz all down my chin which they both thought was pretty funny when all was done.

I couldn’t see what Lauren was doing to do Brad but my guess is that she was sucking him off at the same time that I was eating her out. I think Lauren came 2 or maybe 3 times but she kept sucking until Brad came a second time.

Bi Porn

And that was pretty much the end of the evening. We jumped into the pool to clean up and far out Brad looks awesome in his black speedos.


That is how it all started guys…..

I try and keep this blog to more ‘gay’ topics and my blog for more bi-topics.  If you guys would like me to post more bi stuff on here drop me an email or leave a comment.


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August 1st, 2015
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