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Merry Xmas

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Well I’m 2 days late on my Xmas Day post.

I’m really sorry for not posting as much over the last couple of months, my new years resolution is to be posting more.  Just been busy and members will know that I haven’t been neglecting adding more and more movies.

So how was your Xmas?  I ended up driving up to Queensland to have a family Xmas which kinda sucked…. the drive up there sucked and tomorrow I’m driving back.  If it was any other time of year I’d much prefer to take a couple of days driving back and explore some of the really cool little coastal towns but being school holidays it is a zoo and if any accommodation isn’t booked out, I can’t imagine how expensive it will be.

Today family are going on a road trip to Binna Burra, just for a drive and I do have some work to catch up on so I have the house to myself and I’m sitting here with my laptop and the cricket is on.  What I am going to work on today is writing down the story of how 18yo Tom worked up to his first fucking.

It is a good thing I’m here alone.

OK guys, I’ll get back to it.  I’ll have something to share tomorrow.

Check out these cuties both working on their speedo tans, if they need a closer inspection I’m happy to help of course.

Couple Selfie

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December 26th, 2016

Hottub Threesome

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Here is a story that was posted on the a couple of years ago and somehow I missed it and only just found it.  I thought you guys might enjoy it.

So I’ve recently moved into a new apartment complex, which has an outdoor gated pool that is open from 10:00AM-10:00PM. To get into the pool, you need an access card, which I finally got a few days ago. Ever since I got the access card, I’ve been “carding” myself in right before the pool gate automatically locks up for the entire night.

The pool is surrounded by the apartment’s clubhouse and a few apartment units (up to two floors), so people who go for a swim (or go to relax in the outdoor hot tub) are fairly visible to those residents. Yesterday, I walked over to the pool right before it hit closing time, and carded myself in. I was wearing my favorite Joe Snyder Yellow bikini (my avatar picture), which is extremely sheer when wet. It’s been extremely hot lately in California, especially because of the drought, so the late night swim was refreshing.

Joe Snyder Speedo

What made it fun though was when two guys wanted to go for a swim as well, asking for me to open the pool gates. I got nervous and tried to stall, but they were very persistent so I eventually climbed out of the pool in my very sheer yellow bikini. Once I let them in, they lightheartedly said I had a “very nice suit.” I thanked them and told them it was one of my favorites, and lo and behold, it turns out they both had speedos underneath their shorts. The taller, more slim blonde (lets call him John) had a 3 inch Black Speedo and the shorter, but definitely more muscular (lets call him Brian) Asian guy was wearing a 2 inch Navy swim brief. They both swam in the pool, while tossing jokes and chatting casually; meanwhile, I was on the more shallow end just relaxing. Eventually they went over to me and started talking- turned out they are both housemates and we all attend the same university. About 10 or so minutes passed before they both said they were going to go to the hot tub, and asked if I would like to join them. I said sure, and when I got out of the pool, they both nonchalantly started talking about how nice my legs were. I thanked them again, and this time said both of them were attractive in their suits. They laughed and smiled.

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May 4th, 2016
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