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Surfing with the boys

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Sunday morning here in Australia and I’m back into the routine… the routine of getting up early (even with a hangover) and going for an early Sunday morning surf with the boys.

What a glorious morning it is as well!!!

Today I wore white speedos under my wetsuit and I only wish that the white speedos was all that I was wearing while surfing.  I’m sure most of you guys know the liberating feeling of wearing ONLY speedos.  I get that exhilarating feeling in hottubs and stuff BUT the other day when I went for a run and stripped down to my red speedos on the beach… that is something amazing.

Maybe I’m crazy but let me know (leave a comment) if you agree with me.

OK, I have a full days work ahead of me. The Swannies (Sydney Swans AFL team) are playing later today so I’m getting we’ll be BBQ’ing.  I love being on holidays but it is nice to be back.

White Speedo SolarSpeedo Solar in White

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March 11th, 2017

Speedo Day in Australia

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What they hell, I’m up early on a Sunday writing on my blog!!!

I suppose I owe you guys a little bit for being kinda slack lately.  It isn’t intentional, having guests in the house and I have had a tonne of movies to get online which really have been amazing.  And my sex life has been pretty lame.

I received a text from the Grindr Speedo Guy saying he had a great time and anytime he was on the coast he’d let me know, and said if I was in the city I should let him know (if you missed what happened – click here to read that old post).  That was more words than he actually spoke when he fucked me and I came on him – hehehe.

Yesterday, Saturday, was awesome.  The weather was great, the boys came over for a surf first thing (it is usually a Sunday thing but there is a wedding that most of the boys are invited to today – old school friends that I’ve met but don’t know well enough to get an invite).  After our morning surf I had a coldish outdoor shower in my speedos then pretty much spent the rest of the day wearing nothing more.

Speaking of Aussie guys in speedos, what do you think of this guy?

Aussie SpeedosAussie Speedo Man

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September 24th, 2016

Friday Barbie

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Last night a girl slept in my bed……

And I slept on the couch.

A guy that Kip and I fucked in Colorado a few years ago put this chick in touch with me.  She is from New Jersey but went to uni in Colorado and it is her first time in Australia.  She is driving through on her way to Melbourne and she is crashing at my place for a few days.

She seems pretty cool and today I’m going to take her surfing, a mate dropped off a mini mal this morning which should work.  I think the water temp right now is about 19C (66F) so it is a little cold but she is keen so it will be fine.  I’ll be wearing a wetsuit though.

My plan is then to have lunch at the RSL, some more surfing later this arvo with the boys when they get off work and then I’m having everyone over for a BBQ.

So no naughty business for me the next couple of days, Alex did come over on Wednesday night and we both wore some AussieBum’s.  I’ve posted a photo of those speedos for the members.  Becoming a member is pretty cool – it is only $5, you can pay using PayPal, and it is members that allow me to share my experiences with you guys.  Click here to join.

And as a little surprise just for you guys who are members – I just posted a speedo selfie.

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OK, time for me too cook breakfast.  Man I am going to make a good wife one day – hahaha.

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June 17th, 2016

Aussie Summer

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The weather right now isn’t completely like ‘summer’ (ie sunny, no wind and 30C) it is more cloudy, windy and about 20C but there is cricket on all day and there esky is full of booze.

Being one of the few bachelors amongst my group of friends here and having a place right on the beach although it is much shittier than anyone elses house, my place is a bit of a gathering hub.  My door is never locked and some of the boys keep their surfboards permanently on my back deck.  This time of year most people are off work and my place has been a fun hive of activity.

Yesterday, people were dropping in and out all day to watch a couple of hours of cricket, maybe go for a dip in the surf but generally just hang out.  Alex ended up the last man standing yesterday arvo and the neighbor chicks were hanging out as well.  When the girls finally left I joked that they were off to make love to each other just like Alex and I were…. every one laughed….. if only they knew.  Alex and I did fuck each other and he crashed at my place.

Alex is still in bed as I write this but I might give him a shake and see if he wants to go for a surf before the wind gets up.  Maybe a breakfast/post surf blowjob will convince him to wake up.

Later today I have a bunch of new movies that I’ve uploaded to that I just have to sort through.  If I can get some of them done I will make them live for blog members as well.

Speedo ModelBondi Speedo Play

Hahaha – this is actually what Alex looks like right now.  Although he is wearing black speedos and is in my bed.

Speedo Hang Over

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December 27th, 2015

Surfing on 2hrs Sleep

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As expected I had a hell of a late night.  I managed a couple of hours sleep on the couch and then got up for a surf with the boys.  I’ve just walked in from that.

I’ve got some chasing up to do now and then I might have an afternoon nap.

Enough boring stuff, I want to be posting photos and movies of guys looking good and having sex in speedos.  Check out this guy, I saw him in the ‘Speedo Photos of the Day‘ and I think those 2 photos are the same guy don’t you?  Are those AussieBum speedos?

I’ve got something a lot more fun to post tomorrow which I’ll do for you guys, if you are bored, there are 85 hours of movies over on or you can see all the guys over at the

Speedo ModelSpeedo Butt

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October 30th, 2015
Check out