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Tom Watches Alex Fuck Me…

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I left you guys off a couple of days ago just as Tom came while Alex was lubing his cock up in anticipation of fucking me.  I was excited to have this 18yo virgin fuck my arse and I was all ready when Tom unloaded in the condom that Alex had just put on him.

Tom was a little embarrassed but to be honest I thought it was pretty hot that he came that quickly.  He took off the condom and pulled up the front of his speedos.

Cock and Speedo


Alex was rock hard though so I asked him if he’d fuck me.

Grabbing another condom off the kitchen counter, Alex pulled his cock out the leg of his speedos (we couldn’t do this for Tom because his competition school speedo was so tight).

Speedos Too Small

At this stage I was still leaning over the breakfast bar in the kitchen.  My red arena speedos were still on and up but I had undone the drawstring…. I love pulling speedos down a guys butt and I thought Tom might have enjoyed it.

Instead of Tom, Alex got to do it once he had the condom on and had lubed up his cock.  Tom was now sitting on the other side of the kitchen bench.

With both of my hands on the kitchen bench, I spread my legs and bent over.  Alex pulled down the bum of my red speedos but my cock was still in the front of the speedo.  As Alex shuffled up behind me I felt him lead his cock to the opening of my arsehole…. I moaned and begged Alex to fuck me.

Slowly Alex got the head of his cock inside me.  I looked up and saw Tom sitting there watching all of this rubbing the front of his tiny speedos.

Anal Sex

Once Alex was ‘balls deep’ he started to fuck me.  With his hands on my hips Alex was fucking me hard!!!  I was trying not to cum, I wanted to fuck Alex in front of Tom.  It wasn’t as quick as Tom but Alex didn’t last long – hahaha.  Maybe I just have that effect on guys or maybe it was sitting around in speedos with boners for 20 minutes that got these guys close.

Alex came and as he cooled down he leaned over me and I could feel his panting breath on the back of my neck.

Now it was my turn to fuck Alex…….

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April 28th, 2016

18yo Virgin

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Sunday afternoon here in Australia and I think I should sit down and share with you guys what Alex, Tom and I have gotten up to over the last couple of days.

I write this to you sitting here wearing my red Arena speedos which I just wore for a swim in the surf to clean them, and despite my cock getting lots of attention over the last 36 hours, I am fully erect as I sit here and my cock is straining against the lycra of these speedos.  I can’t promise anything, but I will try my best to finish writing this before I have to unload yet again…. the 8th time this weekend by my count.

As I expected, Tom was late in getting up here on Friday night so we decided to meet at his place at midday on Saturday, he had his parents house to himself and it is a 10 minute drive from my place and Alex was keen as well.  Doing this at Tom’s place would make him feel more comfortable and would avoid my neighbors or my mates interrupting us if we did it at my house.

Just before midday on Saturday, I picked up Alex and we arrived at Tom’s.  It was a really awesome house right on the beach.

I had brought supplies…. condoms, lube and both Alex and I were wearing speedos under our shorts – Alex was wearing a classic pair of black AussieBum speedos, the same ones he was wearing when he lost his ‘gay virginity’ (click here to read about that).  I was wearing the red Arena speedos that I am wearing right now as per Tom’s request.

My Red Speedos

I could tell Alex was a little nervous but I told him that I’m sure Tom was even more nervous.

We knocked on the door……. OK, I’ll admit I was a little nervous too, you never know when you are going to be catfished.

Tom opened in the door.


The door opened and Alex and I feasted our eyes on the perfect, smooth, 18yo body of Tom.  All he was wearing was his high school swimming team competition speedos which seemed to be spray painted on his near fat free body.  As my eyes soaked in his speedos I noticed that Tom was semi hard.

If anything, Tom was even hotter in person that the photos had sent me.

We all shook hands and we followed Tom into the house.  His butt looked AMAZING in the super tight speedos and we got a look at it as he turned around.

“Alex and I will leave our shoes and clothes at the door if that is OK Tom?”

Waterpolo Players Butt

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April 23rd, 2016

My First Sexual Experience

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I was in late high school and my best friend was ‘Stephen’, not his real name but neither of us are ‘out’ so I think he’d appreciate me using an alias.

We were mates, both pretty good at school, neither of us much of athletes although we played everything, swimming, tennis, golf, rugby you name it we did it like most Aussie kids.  Both Stephen and I were members of a Surf Life Saving Club so hanging out in speedos was no big deal.  Saying that, if we weren’t doing life saving stuff, we would wearing speedos under our board shorts but wouldn’t wear only speedos all the time.

Both of us being a little nerdy we had the attention of some of the girls, we had both made out and grabbed a feel of girls at school dances but we weren’t even close to getting laid and neither of us really had girlfriends growing up.

I wish I could go back and visit myself then and tell my younger self that it will all be OK, I won’t die a virgin which was a thought in the back of my mind.

At the time I don’t think Stephen or I thought of ourselves as gay or even bisexual at all.  I had always liked the way speedos felt and used them when I was masturbating, which was rather prolific, and I had trouble not getting an erection every time I put on a pair of speedos but again I remember pretty much being horny the whole time no matter what.

So one summer my parents had moved into a new house and there was a pool in the backyard, there was a bit of land and the pool was away from the house with a small games room which had a bathroom and shower in it, some old couches and a TV.  As usual Stephen and I hung out all summer.  Also that summer, Stephen discovered his Dads porno collection….. it was a bunch of old VHS videos, but a lot of them, like 60, maybe more.  This was like discovering gold.

As summer started, our parents would hang out and have dinner parties and stuff so whenever they came over, Stephen would ‘borrow’ a movie from his Dad’s collection.  Later in the evening when we knew the parents wouldn’t both us, Stephen and I would be down in the pool house and start watching these horrible, grainy old porno movies.  I’m sure looking back I’d be ashamed of watching it, particularly considering the movie archive that I’ve build up on (85 hours, searchable, HD and at my fingertips).

When these evenings started we would both be in our usual attire, board shorts with speedos under them since we were in and out of the water all day.  We’d both be watching these movies, both with erections straining the front of our speedos.  To start, we didn’t do anything but we’ve both have to ‘go to the bathroom’ when it became too much.

We both knew what the other was doing but at first we pretended not to.

Over a few weeks, we both got a little braver….

Guys in Blue Speedos

The first ‘sexual’ act between Stephen and I was after a few nights of watching the porno movies was us rubbing our cocks with our shorts still on.  And by rubbing our cocks, just our own cocks, no touching yet.

We were still running off to the bathroom when we got too close.

Then on the 3rd night I’m guessing, Stephen got too close and came in his speedos.  I still remember they were just a classic black lycra speedo.  He was embarrassed but by now I was starting to want more than just getting horny in each others company.  I tried to reassure Stephen and told him I was close to cumming too and once I did, we’ll go jump in the pool.

So I put my hand down the front of my board shorts, kept watching the movie and before long I was filling the front of my speedo with cum.

Jizzing in SpeedosCummed in Speedo

I’ll admit, I felt a little guilty/weird as well.  That was the end of that evening and we went and jumped in the pool.

A couple of weeks later, the same routine happened…. neither of us had said a word about the first time we came in front of each other and I was hoping that Stephen hadn’t been scared off.  Thankfully he wasn’t and he brought over another movie from his Dad’s collection.

We were both pretty coy to start but it is funny how once you get horny you get a lot braver and some inhibitions disappear.

Stephen had made the first move last time my cumming in his speedos and I had been thinking about what I’d do this time so once we were both horny, rubbing the outside of our board shorts, I told Stephen that I was going to take off my shorts “So I don’t get them messy”, was my justification.

At first Stephen sat on the couch next to me still wearing his board shorts while I was down to my black lycra speedos but after a few minutes he decided to remove his shorts.

Thankfully the parents never came down to the pool house, there was this crappy old intercom system that they would use when it was time for Stephen to go home or if they wanted us to come back up to the house.  Can you imagine if anyone walked in, the two of us, down to our black speedos, raging boners watching Stephen’s Dad’s porn collection…..

Nobody ever interrupted us although we were pretty careful.

It didn’t take long before we were both cumming in our speedos.  Since it was a mess we got up and headed for the pool, this time just wearing our speedos.

At this point I still hadn’t seen Stephen’s cock ever…. that would change the next time.

Guys, I am soooo horny writing about this and reminiscing. I write better when I’m horny and I’ve just cum in the front of a pair of red Arena speedos sitting here at my breakfast bar.  I’m going to put a pair of shorts on and go for a swim in the ocean (normally I wouldn’t but there are a few people out on the beach today and my cum stain is pretty obvious.

I’ll continue this in the next couple of days.

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November 10th, 2015

My First Gay Experiences

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Over the last month I’ve posted a bit about first times.

It was my first ever MMF, bisexual threesome that started this blog back in 2005 (click here to read that story).

I was thinking the other day that I haven’t ever written about my first ever gay experiences, and I say experiences because it was over a summer and things built up slowly with my best friend at the time.  My best friend, I’m going to call him Stephen (not his real name because I value other peoples privacy as much as I value my own), is otherwise 100% str8, I don’t see him too much but we keep in touch at least once a month on Skype and he has a long time girlfriend who is just lovely.  As far as I’m aware, his only gay experience was with me and I think it was more of a ‘darn we are horny and too nerdy to pick up girls’ kind of thing for him.

Stephen knows about my blog and these sites, when the Evil Speedo Corporation sued me in the High Court it made the news papers and he was the first person to call me asking “Dave, is that you on the cover of the Sydney Morning Herald?”  I doubt Stephen reads this blog though.

I’ve been wondering why I’ve never written about this and I suppose it is because it is something personal and it is something that we were both kind of fumbling around in the dark about our sexuality, what to do, how to do it, it definitely wasn’t some mind blowing sexual adventure like I’ve had with Alex over the last 12 months.

Now, with the members are of the blog, I feel like I can write about this with some degree of privacy.

Later today I’ll start writing about this, could be a long post.  Stay posted guys.

The funny thing is, we tied each other up and used blindfolds because we thought it would be less gay….. sounds a lot more gay to me.

Tied Up in SpeedosSpeedo Bondage

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November 5th, 2015
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